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About Our Foundation

Tommo’s Dream Foundation (TDF) supports young, upcoming athletes to fulfil their potential in extreme action sports. TDF was founded in March 2018 in memory of adrenaline-athlete Tom “TOMMO” Robertson. 

Sadly, Tom died at the age of 25 July 2017 in a motocross accident. Like most adrenaline driven youngsters, Tom loved and lived for all things extreme. In fact he made it his life’s mission to do as much as he could to fulfil that ambition.

Although only 25 when he died, Tom had already travelled the world competing in his sport, taking in Asia, the USA and Europe. His first love was Jetski Freeride and he had achieved so much in his short life, that if we achieve half of what he did by 25 our lives would be very full.

Freeride jet skiing is a relatively little-known sport here in the U.K. which makes it harder to finance. It has a higher profile in Europe, USA and Asia, so we concluded for this sport to grow in the UK we needed to take it on an international stage. 

Our focus for this sport is currently on Europe, and we have sent several riders to the European Freeride Championships. Already we have proven that UK has a great deal of talent; one of our riders Daniel Foy finished European Champion in 2018 and went to compete on the world stage and rank fourth in the world. Having such success first time out we knew we needed to send more riders out, so that is what we did.

2019 saw TDF take a team of 10 riders into Europe. There has never been a team of riders taken anywhere before, so to say we made an impact is an understatement. All TDF riders were placed in the European Championships, and some were even ranked in the World Finals.

The same riders also rode in Portugal, Spain and France and were loved by the Europeans who took them to their hearts so much, they received standing ovations when they lined up on the beach. The TDF Freeride team are now held in such high esteem that other events are asking for the team to attend. 


TDF also supports young motocross riders; we have supported some amazing youngsters who have come up from nowhere and are absolutely smashing it. We support them by helping to buy their kits and secure discounts, deals and sponsorships. Like Jetski Freeride this sport is costly due to the requirement to constantly maintain the bikes. 

TDF is a relatively new organisation, but in three short years we have seen it embraced across the world – we even sponsor USA riders.

We are always looking at ways we can help young, aspiring adrenalin athletes succeed in their chosen sports - to get them to where they need to go, and in front of the people they need to meet.

This all takes time and money and if anyone feels they can contribute to help these athletes please get in touch. You could experience the thrill of being a part of their dreams, their life long memories and their journey.

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