Jet Ski Dan Foy

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Yo its Foy here, my hobbies are Jet Skiing, Jet Skiing, Jet Skiing. But when theres no surf i enjoy climbing, Coasteering and anything i can get a buzz from.

After years in Motorsport and around cars I've always had love for anything with an engine, whether its bikes, boats, cars, 4x4s or jet skis, if it goes fast or i can have fun with it, I'm in!!

Relaxing wise, i like to have a bath and listen to music, no TV, just kick back with some tunes and enjoy the sound.

Im full throttle and flat out most of the time, and my energy and passion is what drives me, if i aim for something, its aim high, never give up and do it properly.

I came 1st at Port Talbot round of Surf Wars Uk championships.

Portugal leg of the Europeans and IWFA

Well what can we say, a total legend, Dan went to Portugal and smashed it, he won the Europeans and is currently 1st in the World. Next stop Biscarrosse France.

Wow, what a whirlwind of a trip, over 2500 miles with some of the best friends I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, the most incredible waves and scenery like something from a movie. It's been incredible. First stop nazare and walking away with the win was nothing short of mind blowing, had to pull out everything in my bag to bag the top spot against 2 world championship winning rivals! An incredible experience and 1 I will never forget!!

2nd stop Biscarosse, France, the waves were firing, the sun was shining and the croissants were crispy!! Another mind blowing adventure, everyone upped there game and I had to work hard again securing 5th over in world rounds, but taking away the win in the European championship!!!

3rd stop Newquay, my home away from home, waves waves that were off the chart!! After a nasty knee tweek in practise I filled myself up with pain killers and hobbled into the tray, just about did enough against some savage competition!! UK riders are really firing this year!!!