Jet Ski Luis Sparks

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Hi my name is Luis Sparks, I'm 17 years old and I'm from Southampton. I started Freeride jetskiiing in December 2016, shortly after i purchased my first Freeride jets from Andy at Carve Composites.

I am an apprentice composite engineer at a small family run firm in Matchwood Southampton called Composite Mouldings Group In this role we have many projects going on such as building boat hulls and decks, swimming pools and pontoons. I really enjoy my position in this firm and can see my composite skills eventually developing into the design and production of my own signature Freeride Jetski.

My aspirations within this sport is to have fun, achieve as many goals as i set out for myself, always giving myself a challenge to be the best rider within my ability and hopefully be able to exceed how well i do each year to get better and better

I hope this platform that Lynne has given me can help inspire people not to waste time doing things they don't enjoy and to get on with the things they love. I hope people enjoy sharing my 2018 season with me!

For daily updates you can also visit my Instagram page @freeride_loopy or my Facebook

profile Luis Ginger Sparkes.

By the way i am Dyslexic and I'm not the best at writing this sort of thing but I'm trying to imagine I'm writing it as if was talking to someone and I'm trying my hardest for us!

Portugal leg of the European

The boy done good, he took 8th place in Portugal and 15th in the world. Next stop Biscarrosse France.

Portugal freeride jet ski world champs

it all started in Portugal Nazareth for the first round of the ifwa world tour and for the first stop of the Europeans championship.

we arrived in Portugal in the early hours of Thursday morning super tired as we had just travelled for 35 hours.

Thursday we mingled around Nazareth getting our bearings and meeting some new and old friends

Friday morning came and i was nervous, qualifying fir ifwa and eruos were today. i was in with the second set of riders out on the water so i didn’t get much time to settle down to get my head on the game, but i went out and put down a solid run that placed me 14th and Dan qualified on the top spot in q1 after a wicked first run in PQ1. spirits where high and confidence was growing on Dan and i ready fir PQ2 in the afternoon. our rounds came round and we both rode the hardest we could with the conditions that where thrown at us. later on in the evening we have the results where posted and i came 12th and Dan with a string 3rd.

saturday was fun, the brackets where set and we where amped with how well we had done with everything on Friday so we where buzzing.

i had a French freeride called Thomas jurat who qualified 9th the day before so i was nervous going out and i kept my cool and took the win.

i then moved on to a heat with Jeremy bosser in the 8tg finals, which o was really nervous about but unfortunately my ski backfired and blew my exhaust coupler off so we got it on the tote and big thanks to Dan, Ian, mick, mark for jumping in to get it back on and running but it had oiled up so blew off again and put me out of that heat. so that was the end of my weekends riding.

Sunday came around and it was finals day, atmosphere was high and waves where huge but the competition went on and Dan won the ifwa and European round 1.

overall i was super stoked to be able to make it out to Portugal and compete thanks to the foundation,super stoked to be apart of this cant wait to see where it goes!


A few snaps from my man @racuwerx in Biscarrosse France IFWA stop 2! @carvecomposites @freerideinnovations @opieoils @ifwafreeride #carvecomposites @ Biscarrosse-Plage, Aquitaine, France

3rd May 2019

What an incredible time I’ve had so far on our European tour, we started in Lourinhã Portugal 🇵🇹 the conditions where tough, walls of water coming into the beach with minimal time to make any decisions, which made it very hard to progress up through the competition, I managed to hold my place in the European championship till the semi finals and finished 4th overall! In the worlds I finished 10th after an amazing heat with the legend Gil Beurnier! We moved on to Nazaré and had the opportunity to ride Praia do Norte with big wave G David Langer with his tow in safety ski, this was an Insane opportunity and I can thank Dave enough for taking us out!

Next stop was in Mundaka Spain with Gil where we had some super fun small surf we were all ripping around each other looking for the best waves! it made for carnage but was seriously fun with the TDF Freeriders.

I couldn’t do any of this with out my old man Gary Sparkes. He always makes sure that my equipment is perfect so there’s nothing that could possible hold me back! Love you dude ❤️ Lynne Robertson your amazing, I cannot thank you enough for sending me to Europe once again with the Tommos Dream foundation I wouldn’t of been here if it wasn’t for your help! ❤️

Onto Montalivet for one last ride with the crew!