Ieuan Barrett Harris TDF Ambassador

Updated: Aug 7

7th August 2021

This year TDF signed up and explored the AMCA championship, with Ieuan Barrett Harris, Rhys Walker, Jake Harris and Ben Sullivan.

Ben riding strong every event he attended he gave 110% and made it onto the podium’s.

Rhys Walker riding strong within a very professional mx1 class and pulling through every event with strong results.

Ieuan Barrett Harris started strong but due to illness he’s struggling to finish races.

Jake Harris races in a evo Class and enjoys it every time he’s out, but with bike failures consistently is a struggle at the moment.

Every rider can’t thank Tommo’s dream foundation enough for what everyone is doing to support them. Huge thank you to Thirty4 racing for the race kits, TWS for all parts and ducksmart for helping keep the bike clean. Kenda tires, goss-moto, essential decals, DP brakes,JH coating, shutter door services and a huge thanks to lynne Roberston for her dedication and full support.

16th March 2021

2021 i will be on board a TDF motorsport, shutter door services, Motoxchange Gas Gas 450 and hopefully be competing in the AMCA British Championship. First round is a qualifier at Welshpool.

Id like to thank my sponsors for this season



DP Brakes



George Milward

JM Pipework

JH Coating


Tens tools

Training is going well and hopefully i will be stronger this season and injury free.

16th May 2020

Just before the lockdown rule was imposed I had a weekend up Doncaster on the bike to get ready for the AMCA. Championship. Saturday I went too Doncaster park, the bike and my fitness was working well until the Sunday at Fat cats when the bike stopped play and I split my piston. After 8 weeks of ordering the part from Italy it finally arrived. Sunday 15th March I attended a photo shoot ready for the season to start with the support of MDMX. That’s was the last until Saturday 16th May when 4 of us attended a private photo shoot to promote the new Mx race gear 3C design at GP motopark. So now it’s just a waiting game to see when the season will start.

6th February 2020

2020 I will be on board a 250f Husqvarna competing in MX2 AMCA British Championship. With help and support from MD-MX Apico racing, the off season has been going well so far and I’m getting better and fitter each and every week, fingers crossed for 2020.

4th September 2019

2019 season didn't really go to plan, with accident after accident due to other extreme sports. But I've learnt alot and have come to realised how much effect, time and commitment you need to become the best you can. Only completed 3 rounds of the AMCA Championship due to accidents and bike failures, but those rounds have been an eye opener and it has also made me realise what I need too do to be able to compete in the MX2 class next year. I've ran a 10k and I will be walking mountains to help my journey for 2020. Sponsorship is vital and help off family and friends is too. Can not thank TDF, Marsh MX, Moto33, Ade Phelpshead and my Uncle George for all the support they have given me even though I've been out most of the season. Just hope 2020 will be a different story and things will be better. The winter series is going to be hard but hopefully with all my family behind me, the support off everyone I will get to were I belong

1st April 2019

What a weekend, didn’t know if I was gonna be able to ride due to fracturing my wrist 4 weeks ago and haven’t ridden in 5 weeks and that showed in my results finishing 25th and 33rd, hopefully heal up good and show what I can do in round 2, thank you to everyone who helps. @marshmx123 @tommosdreamfoundation @moto33racesuspension @letsavew @ridemotologic @adephelpstead @m_l_motorcycles @armour_pro @gmilward55 #DriagPlastics

30th March 2019

All ready for the first round, massive thanks to @extreme_sports_people and @armour_pro for making my bike look absolutely 🔥🔥 massive thank you to the people who help and let’s hope for a good season🤟 @marshmx123 @tommosdreamfoundation @moto33racesuspension @letsavew @ridemotologic @adephelpstead @m_l_motorcycles @armour_pro @gmilward55 #DriagPlastics

22nd March 2019

Really bad start to my season, I was feeling confident on the huquarva 250 supplied by Marsh MX and massive thanks to Tommo's Dream Foundation, my fitness was coming along and bike fitness was getting their, to have too cancelled the Bridgestone masters entry because of fractured wrist. Gutted isnt the right word. I'm still training fitness wise but with a cast on my left arm see me out for a few weeks. Hopefully il be able to attend the qualifiers for the first AMCA round.

18th January 2019

After the disappointment last year, with injuries and all, I'd like to thank TDF for helping me sort out a new bike, so it's back on the Husqvarna suplied by Marsh MX. Training is going really well, and I'm 110% committed to having bike time and also intense training at the gym. For 2019 I will be competing in The Bridgestone Masters and also AMCA British Championships. Also can not wait to see what TDF have lined up for us as a team.