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Updated: Aug 7, 2021

7th August 2021

so over the time my last blog i had a terrible accident braking my wrist a second time and doing my PCL ligament in my knee and dislocated my hip all in one so that took 12 weeks to recover and when i came back my speed was not far of where i left of but my fitness was shocking but part of the sport we all love. Last week i went to culham doing the bridgestone nationals getting 19 in qualifying not too good but improving the whole weekend race one getting 18 then race two 18 again then day two started of so much better getting 15 and 17 so all round a brilliant weekend getting back to normal doing the nationals so really positive few weeks.

10th August 2020

so over the time of my last blog i’ve been recovering from my wrist and collarbone injuries not been up to much i’ve been trying to get my fitness up while riding as much as i can we went to brookthorpe the Sunday just gone, i felt really strong in myself and my riding was good i thought i can complete a full session so i can tell already my fitness is improving i’ve been riding my mountain bike as much as i can just trying to get my fitness up and cant wait to ride more and get faster and more consistent and i’m trying to get my speed back when i was on my 85.

Hello,I'm Jack Dando, I'm so happy to be on TDF this year for motocross. I have lots of other things i like to do outside of motocross, like boxing, mountain biking. This year In races I'm doing the BYN/British youth nationals and south west

BYN dates

Round 1-30th&31st March Culham

Round 2-27th&28th April Pontrilas

Round 3-8th&9th June Whitby

Round 4-6th&7th July Fatcats

Round 5-17th&18th August Desertmartin

Round 6-7th&8th September Weston

Sunday 7th April 2019

Done really well at culham for the BYN to get 20th overall really happy with that, then last weekend done good to get 2nd-3rd then 5th to get 2nd overall at Crediton racing at South Somerset MX.

7th June 2019

So this month has been really good with riding, practicing at Apex and we have been to Conrad Mewes’s track and it was very good with the massive jumps leaning ever time and Cusses Gorse my results were 4,4,4 Saturday then 4,3 Sunday. I’m currently sat in the fish and chip shop by Whitby writing this blog and hoping for a good weekend of racing.

29th September 2019

This month has been good for practice is going good racing is going all round really happy with my riding so far and we done the MCF team event at little silver good results so the first race was so so wet I was leading then crashed the then my bike was stuck so I had to put it in gear and push it but it was to late and I got water in the carb and it was to later I came 7th and that was my worst race of the weekend then my best result was 3rd so at the end of the weekend I cane away with 4th overall witch I’m quite happy about and this weekend I’m hoping for a good weekend again at launchaly with southsomerset and it’s a local my so I’m happy with that so I’m looking forward to that good luck all.

20th October 2019

A really good month racing all over the country travelling from fatcats Moto parc to wolverly and Barmouth beach race in preparation for Weston beach race at Barmouth went 2,2,2,2,2 for second overall and 3 holeshots was definitely the roughest track I have ever rode in my life really good experience with that race and now onto Weston beach race just finished today good start behind the quad and was into the first few corners in top 5 so that good and pit stopped twice didn’t crash all race so that good came out 6th in both sw and bw and hopefully going to do even better next year.

22nd November 2019

For the last two days of the week was the best experience I’ve had, I’ve never ridden in Holland before so it was amazing to have the opportunity to ride with Justin Morris. Then i didn’t ride for 3 weekends after that, then on the 3rd week was South Somerset presentation night I come back with 1st overall and the best newcomer in my class i’m over the moon. Last weekend i’ve been in Dunkirk in France training for next year. #654

6th February 2020

The past few weeks have been pretty decent I’ve been to Dunkirk other known as loon-plage in France which we stayed out there for a weekend doing 20minute motos around one of the toughest tracks I’ve ever been to and ridden on and then riding at Fatcat Moto Parc in Doncaster doing some very good winter training with Justin Morris doing cornering and starts mainly cornering but all good at that weekend up in Doncaster now to the weekend just gone by at Polesworth doing 3rd in race 1 and 2nd in race to and in race 2 I had a really nasty big crash coming down the hill and highsided and I was thrown up into the air and landed on my collarbone causing and sprung collarbone but doing well got any appointment on Monday and waiting to see how it goes after that. Ill keep you all updated with my injury.

16th May 2020

These last two months have been tough for all of us the COVID-19 is devastating for everyone. being in lockdown is the most horrible and annoying thing for all of us staying fit whilst in lockdown is crucial even if you go on a 1 hour bike ride now I am on the 125 it’s very crucial to stay fit and if i had the choose of what track to ride when i come back after lockdown it would have to be the new fatcats race track. I would love to ride my 125 round there. Anyway i hope you’re all staying safe and home .

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