Ben Sullivan TDF Wales

Updated: Oct 6

29th September 2021

Saturday 18th September I had no races for this weekend,so just time to practice. Dad took me to VIP track, it was our first time at this track and I did enjoy practice with friends. What a fun day @ brookethorpe on the 12 of September , no pressure just a fun ride . First time in mx2 youth class (125 & 250cc bikes) and what a surprise on how brilliantly I did , it was so much fun . I got 1,1,1 and i was flying , enjoying every ride giving me first overall. My mates did well too taking 2nd and 3rd overall. 4/5th September we went to Lower Drayton with AMCA Championship . I was on fire,i loved the track and it showed in my riding . Getting 1,1 & 5 giving me 1st overall . 28/29th August,Great weekend of racing and hanging out with friends for Me at foxhills doing the BSMA Championship. It was an interesting weekend. Race 1 , i had a good start , i soon passed the two riders in front , I was battling to get 2nd place which I got giving Me 2nd place. Race 2 ,a brilliant start straight into first place, i definitely had my work cut out to keep 2nd behind me, but he got me, so what we thought was 2nd I got 1st on a technicality. We didn’t have the 3rd race on Saturday as they ran out of time. So 3 races to look forward to on Sunday. Sunday morning I was ready and eager to get on with my races. Race 3 i was doing well in 2nd place until i made a mistake trying to get past back markers ,i fell off and got back up pretty quick to continue my race coming in 4th. After falling off i had a sore wrist which was soon strapped up and I carried on racing. Race 4 brilliant riding for someone with a sore wrist but everyone who knows Me knows that won’t stop me once the gate drops. I got a comfy 3rd. Race 5 , final race of the weekend, the pressure was on to just stay on …..hmmmm I was in 4th when i went for a rut that was messed up and i came off, taking my time to get started again i was in last place now, so i had to pick my way through,which is what i did , not sure where i came but i did try my best. Overall of the weekend i came 1st . Sunday 22nd August I rode at long lane doing the AMCA Championship. Qualifying i got a good 2nd position meaning that would be his gate pick for the day. Race 1 a pretty good start, and a good ride i got 2nd. 2nd Race again a good start and battling with the front runners only to then come off, i quickly got back on passed a few places i had lost then all of a sudden my bike was bellowing out white smoke… unfortunately i had a DNF. Back to the van within minutes mum and dad were taking my bike apart as Dad had an idea what the problem was. The crank shaft seal had gone, luckily we had a new one and with a team effort we soon had a new one in and the bike was running in time for my last race. Race 3 what a race i had, i was in first place for 2 laps and i did make mum laugh as I nodded my head as if to say “yeah “, anyway i tried keeping my position but it just wasn’t meant to be and i finished in 3rd, but i did enjoy the race. Giving me 9th overall. 15th August we went to pontrilas , first time at this track. After practice I thought the track was crap, mum and dad told me to get over it as i was the first group out on it so it would change by the time i got my first race . Anyway yes the track did change and I rode brilliantly getting 2,2,4 and decided i liked the track after all . Lovely to see Zoe,Ryan and Riley . And not forgetting uncle George Milward 7th & 8th August was BSMA championship at culham ,3 races on the Saturday and 2 on Sunday. Usually a track I enjoy,especially when it’s wet, but surprisingly it wasn’t . Practice was 2 laps abit disappointed with that as it’s a National meeting, I don’t think the riders really had a chance to check the track out properly. Race one.. there were some fast riders who took up the wildcard places so I had to work hard. I had a fight on his hands and i did try , i got 5th, again in the 2nd race another 5th. Race 3 was where things went wrong. I was doing well keeping up with the front runners when I crashed,i took awhile to get up as I had winded myself.My bike wouldn’t start so I took awhile to get it going again i finished in 19th and i was gutted. I had lost some power and i couldn’t get the bike in gear just before my crash.So that was it for Saturday. While My dad was checking my bike over he found A tooth and ball bearing in the gear box oil. Ummm on further investigations he found the power valve had lost a tooth which then pushed the bearing through the gap… luckily one of my friends dad lent us the part so i was able to race on the Sunday. Race 4 a different day and I was a determined rider I came in 6th Race 5 another good ride getting 5th Overall for the weekend 6th ,sadly i lost his red plate but im determined to try to get it back at the next round at foxhills. 31st July I rode at landrake with southwest mxc, not sure on results as they seem to be wrong,but that doesn’t matter as it was just practice for Me.I had fun catching up with friends and racing with them too. Sunday we went to lower Drayton where the BWMA were racing , never been to this track before. It was part sand and part hard pack. The track was interesting. 1st race my start wasn’t that good but i battled on and soon got into first place. I was really enjoying it. I finished in 1st. 2nd race I had an awful start,having to fight my way through was challenging as there were some big ruts now.I soon got into 2nd place but finding it hard to find a good line to overtake. I made a mistake and crashed, nothing hurt or broken i was soon back on my bike to finish in 2nd place. 3rd race after realising that my back tyre had been loosing air, a quick tyre change and i was ready. I was on it this time,the gate dropped and i was off straight into 1st and that’s where i stayed, brilliant riding . Overall i got 1st ,i did enjoy the track.

7th August 2021

BSMA Championship was held at Bodmin on the 17th & 18th July.

Qualifying was just practice to get to know the track.

1st Race I had a good start and held my position all through the race getting 1st.

2nd Race again a good start a rider in front but i soon got past , i held onto first for a while until i was battling with 2nd place and I made a mistake which cost me a place coming in 2nd.

3rd Race again another 2nd place.

4th race another day and I was eager to start racing.Again some good racing coming in 2nd place.

5th race ,I had a good start and was riding well, I managed to hold off second place as I wasn’t going to give it up easily i came in 1st.

All weekend I was enjoying getting better lap times ,i managed to get the fastest lap in every race.

Overall i got 2nd place only 2 points behind 1st and still leading the championship, i received my red plate in the post yesterday and I was over the moon .

11th July …Not much on this weekend,so I had the choice of what to do ..I decided i wanted to race at tincleton with ringwood mxc. The track was wet and muddy. I just went out to have fun getting 3,3,3 .And a short journey home

3rd July is the day that marks the anniversary that tommo gained his wings. I never knew him but we live in his memory, he’s the reason that Lynne Robertson founded TDF to help riders of motocross and jet skis to live their dreams . I am so grateful to be part of the TDF family.

We were at hawkstone with the amca on the Saturday and Sunday doing the amca championship race .

I rode my first race on Saturday in memory of tommo , I rode well getting 2nd place.

2 nd race was red flagged as some riders were hurt , so I got 2nd place in that one too. Coming 2nd overall for the day.

Day 2 ,we had rain in the night and it was still tipping it down when I was doing my first race.

1st lap I got stuck big time , someone finally helped me and off i went. The track was like a mud bath you couldn’t even see who was under all the sludge . I had another off where I got stuck under my bike luckily someone helped me,after managing to do the whole race I came 7th .

2nd race , I was more aware of the track conditions so the track was getting easier to ride. I had a good race coming in 4th getting 5th overall for the day.

27th June we went to marshfield with corsham mxc. 1st race I was on it as soon as the gate dropped, enjoying myself flying around . Coming over the finish on my back wheel.

2nd race not the best start got caught up with another rider on first corner , still managed to battle my way through and got into 1st position in the first lap. And finished in 1st place.

3rd race gate dropped ,off i went got the holeshot straight into 1st . After a few laps i lost the front end out the back of the track and came off , i got back on with bent handle bars . I kept stopping trying to straighten them myself .I soon got back into 2nd place when a backmarker fell off in front of me leaving no option but to go into his bike and coming off myself ,I got run over but got back on to then find my bike was damaged. Not knowing what was wrong i pulled in by Dad and didn’t finish my race , getting a DNF.

So overall i got 9th

And a very damaged exhaust , I don’t think Dad will be able to blow this out.

19th/20th of June was my first round of the BSMA championship @ pen-y-bont . Another track I have never riden before. It didn’t look it’s best on the Saturday but that didn’t stop me from trying my best.I enjoyed flying around the track in my first race taking the win.

Race 2 I had the older boys giving me advice and sorting out my start gate.As the gate dropped I was off straight into 1st and that’s where I stayed.

The last race of the day was cancelled because the track was too dry and dangerous.

Day 2 , the track looked so much better after some overnight rain

Race 3, again straight into 1st place all the way to the finish flag.The track was so much better than yesterday.

Race 4 another ride with no mistakes 1st from start to finish,for this meeting I got maximum points which is a great start towards my championship .

Sunday 13th June we went to Telford with AMCA. This was my first time at this track,so a track walk was a must when we got there.Practice I got 1st and the fastest lap which put me in a good frame of mind.

1st race I had a good start straight into 2nd position,I had some good battles trying to get Into 1st place but I ran out of time and had to settle for 2nd.

2nd race again a good start straight into 2nd,more battles with 1st place rider but again I couldn’t get past him in time.

3rd race of the day it had got so hot ,as the gates dropped I shot out straight into 1st I was not going to give it up easily either. I was beginning to get abit of a lead when the red flags where being waved (for those who don’t know the red flag means the race has been stopped) I was gutted all the hard work I had just done for nothing. I had to do it all over again….and I did…straight into 1st place with no mistakes I won the race. For the day I got 2nd overall. I liked the track it was rough and fast .18th June 2021

18th July 2021

5th June we went to warmingham lane with the AMCA Championship. The track I had never ridden before. I was doing round 3 on the Saturday which was 2 races and round 4 on the Sunday which was 3 races.

Qualifying on Saturday I got 4th so that was my gate pick for the day.

Race 1 ,I had a few battles with no mistakes getting 2nd place.

Race 2 ,I was struggling with the heat,but once on the start line I was focused,again trying to better my own lap times.I got 4th giving me 3rd overall and a place on the podium.

Day 2, the track had some rain in the night which made it very muddy..the way I like it.

As my result from Saturday was 3rd overall that would be my gate pick for the day on Sunday.

Race 1, wasn’t the best start,so I had to work my way through a few riders. I managed to get the fastest lap time. I came 2nd .