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16th March 2021

2021 is going to be a busy season racing for me once lockdown has eased and we can start racing. I’m doing the AMCA British Championship with Ieuan and Rhys. Some of the tracks I have never ridden before so it’s going to be exciting. The 16th may will be my first race at Boraston. I’m also doing the BSMA Apico National Championship with Holly and Kayden. I’m looking forward to this championship as I have done a couple of wildcards in the past years which were great fun. Due to covid they had to cancel the first 2 rounds at culham and landrake. So I’m looking forward to 8/9th of may at wroxton,not my favourite track anymore because I hurt my foot and fractured my wrist there. On my free weekends I’m doing southwest championship. Since my last blog update there hasn’t been any racing/riding . I’ve been playing on my PS4 a lot. School had been closed and all my lessons were online. I tried not doing it but mum had an email so I got into trouble. I’m was missing my friends at school and motocross.

’m trying to get fit again,I have mums bike on a static trainer in my room . I did an hour the other day and my legs were killing me the next day.

5th January 2021

Yay Saturday 5th December lockdown number 2 had been eased and I was able to go out and play on my bike. I was so looking forward to it.

I did go out a few times on my mountain bike with dad to try and keep my fitness up but to be honest I do like to play on my PS4 a little more than my mum likes.

Anyway we went to Arncott for a practice day,the track was good considering it had a lot of rain the night before. I really had fun trying to better myself with each session.

Sunday 6th December we went to PCMP ,early morning frost made the track challenging.As the day went on the track started to dry out and the sun was shining. I had lots of fun riding with my friends again. A few bike issues made my dad stressy but hopefully sorted soon.

13th December we went to little silver for a practice day,the weather had been pretty bad lately so we knew it was going to be tricky.

It was great fun,I do love riding in muddy conditions. It was great catching up with friends too.

19th December not many tracks open due to the weather and Covid-19 still.

We had to travel a little bit to go to Mildenhall ,it’s a fun sand track.I enjoyed pushing myself in each session .The last session I was flying and my bike went pop ooppppsss. Good job my dad knows what he’s doing.within a few hours we were back home,bike cleaned and in bits ,problem found and dads on the case.

We had a lovely Christmas,I knew what some of my presents were as I asked for them,but the biggest surprise was a GoPro 9 . I can’t wait to use it ,it has so many new functions. I also got 2 pairs of fist gloves which I love too.

Boxing Day we usually go to my auntie and uncles but due to COVID we had to stay home,not a problem as it meant I could play with my friends on my PS4.

On New Year’s Day we got invited to ride @ Tchorek Mx ,only 5 in my group and 5 in the auto/65group so not many of us .

I found it very cold and slippery to start with.My hands were so cold they hurt.

I did slip on ice and my bike did a 360 and ended up going into my leg. I carried on riding. The track soon thawed out.Dad put one of my Kendra tyres on which made me have better grip and I was able to enjoy riding a bit more.

I’m really looking forward to Covid getting under control so I can get on and race.

I’m excited about what TDF have lined up for me.

So here’s a BIG thank you to Lynne,Ryan,Zoe &Lisa.

18th November 2020

17th October we went to pcmp for a practice day,I enjoyed riding and having fun with my friends .I had a few bike issues which dad sorted before the day was over, so my bike would be ready for my race on Sunday.

18th October was race day @ Wroxton. I enjoy riding this track,the jumps are big.

Practice ...the big and small wheels were put together which means I had no idea how well I was riding.

The track was ok but,not enough ruts.

1st race I was ready ,a pretty good start I was near the front riders. I came through the flag in 5th place,so I was riding fast. I was just coming to a corner when I braked and my back wheel locked on and made my bike high side and spat me off. I tumbled about 4 times ,I got up slightly confused then got back on my bike.

I was now in last position.My wrist was hurting a little,but I had to get my head back into the race.

I started going past riders,but then after a few jumps my wrist was hurting more. I saw the last lap flag so decided to finish the race,coming in in 21st position.

My mum met me at the finish and asked if I was ok, i said my wrist hurt which by this time was already swollen.

No more riding for me that day.

A trip to A & E confirmed that I had a buckle fracture. So gutted no riding for 4-6 weeks.

Then we went into lockdown again for another month. I still have to go to school,but no riding which ment that my wrist had time to heal properly.

I do like the fact that I’m able to see my friends at school this time so it does make lockdown abit better.

I’ve just had my push bike repaired so hopefully go out with dad to try to keep fit.

18th October 2020

19 September was racing at whiteway Barton with southwest mxc. I’m not a fan of this track,but there’s always a track somewhere you don’t like so just pin it and get on with it.

It wasn’t my best race to be honest the lap scoring had problems with the printer so I never knew where I came after each race for the day. I managed 6th overall so not bad really.

22nd September I went to cheddar for practice. I like the new layout but,I’m starting to get bored riding there. So I went out with the intention on concentrating on my lines, I began to ride better and was enjoying the challenge.

On 26th September I went to do the girls Nationals. I must admit it was the worst race I have EVER done.

Practice I had no back brake.

1st race =no back brake ,

2nd race = DNF with flat tyre,

3rd race I did without any problems ,but not sure where I came as they had put me in the wrong group on the results.

27th September we went to cheddar for practice and I met some of the new TDF team. I had a fun day on the track with no problems-just fun .

The first weekend of October was wet ,most tracks couldn’t open as they were too wet. So I played on my PS4 .

10th October I went to fraddon for practice. I’ve only been there once before and that was a race.

It’s nice to go to a different track. My friends were there so we had fun racing with each other.

11th October I went to culham mx track for practice. I really like this track especially when it’s wet. My group had 65’s and 85’s together,so I had to go careful as I didn’t want to crash into the smaller kids. I had loads of fun gooning about .

18th September 2020

15th Aug I went to little silver with southwest Mxc , qualifying I got 5th so that was my gate pick all day. 1st moto I went for the inside gate, the gate dropped and I flew out into 2 nd place but I soon got overtaken and held onto 3rd until the last lap and got 4th. 2 moto again I went for inside gate but not the best start I managed 4th. 3rd moto same again I was doing well in a comfy 4th then dropped it so came 5th. Overall for the day I came 4th.

22nd aug. I went to Wroxton with BSMA, I love the track, the jumps flow together . In practice I had a slight bump geez did it hurt my foot. Ice and painkillers did the job as I wasn’t going to be told I couldn’t ride. First moto I was excited and gave it my best shot coming 4th. 2nd moto I made a few mistakes and my foot was hurting I came 11th. 3rd moto I was really struggling and more mistakes I came 12th. The second day I had two motos to try my best . Moto 4 I was ready and came 4th. The 5th moto I was going so well I got into 3rd place and then it poured down the track became so slippery I came off loads of times and came 13th . Overall for the weekend I came 6th. My foot took a few weeks to feel better and I’m ready to ride again

10th August 2020

As lockdown slowly eased it was so good to get back onto my bike and see my Mx friends again. I went to a private track a few times to build on my fitness . On 13th June I went to cheddar.The new track layout is awesome.I loved riding it so much I went back the next day. It’s so nice being back.

24th June Rogers hill track was open and I went there for the afternoon,was great fun riding on track 1. 5th July southwest had a practice day at 5 oaks,it was fun and fast I really enjoyed myself. These big wheels are great.

On 8th July we went to Rogers hill again. Track 2 was open this time.The track was very dusty and loose. I miss judged a turn and ended up coming off hard giving myself a dead leg which took a few weeks to get better but didn’t stop me riding. On 12th July dad took me to pcmp ,it was my first time on this track and I enjoyed riding with my friends.

18th July was my first race on my 85BW at landrake with southwest mxc. I came 8th in qualifying which meant that was my gate pick for the day. My first race was such fun I had to work hard trying to keep up with the top riders I came 9th. 2nd race I was on it and came 7th. 3rd race I was tired and managed 10th getting 7th overall for the day. A few more practice days at cheddar and my fitness is getting better every weekend. I was entered into The rock until sundown an early start as I was the second group on track for qualifying . I’m not a fan of cusses gorse track. Qualifying I did my best and came 13th out of 39 which was my gate pick all day. First race wasn’t the best start but I worked hard coming in 13th place. Second race I decided to go on the inside gate. When the gate dropped I was off getting a pretty good start but,as I started to get to the corner a bike cut up In front of me and I lost control ending up under bikes and riders. I didn’t finish the race as my arm hurt. That was me done for the day sadly. I was able to enjoy spending time with my mates. It was nice to see lynne, Lisa and some of the TDF jet ski riders come to watch the adult groups.

16th May 2020

I was really looking forward to the race season,the covid 19 came and ended it before it even started. Gutted . I’m going up into the 85 Big Wheel group,so I was excited. Sadly the BSMA has been cancelled this year and I will be doing it in 2021. My bike has had a few repairs,my forks had started leaking so dad fixed them. My new graphics look sweet. Big thanks to TDF for sorting them . I have built myself a track in the garden to ride my bmx but I keep getting a puncture which dad repairs after I have taken the wheel out. I have a static bike trainer in the front room which I use now and again. My fitness is probably not very good. I don’t know how long we have been in lockdown but I’m very bored of just playing games. I’m so ready to start riding. I’ve finally got a new helmet which fits perfect and I have grown so I need a new kit as mines to short . I don’t know which track will open first but once the lockdown allows me to ride I will practice at any track that’s open. I can’t wait to see my TDF family very soon .

10th Feb 2020

I’m looking forward to the 2020 season with TDF by my side and some different meetings to take part in. This season I will be doing southwest mxc championship in the big wheel 85 class, it will be my first season on big wheels. Also I’m doing the BSMA clubman series and the MX Masters kids . So I need to do plenty of practice. I’ve been to fatcats which is a sand track and I really enjoy riding that track. I’ve also been to my friends track it was so wet we were all covered in mud, but it was great fun. Last weekend 2nd feb I rode with seven valley mxc at Bromsberrow, it was my first time on this track. It was a sand track and very challenging. I like to ride in different conditions as it’s good practice.

1st september 2019

I rode with southsomerset @launcherley moto parc. 1st race we rode with big wheels and small wheels together which I like riding with the bigger boys,I came 1st in sw and 3rd in both classes. 2nd race I crashed got back on and had to stop twice by my dad to sort my handlebars as they were bent, I got 3rd in sw and 7th in both classes which wasn’t bad ,but I was annoyed with myself for crashing. 3rd race I was not going to make the same mistake again,riding with sw only I came 1st getting 1st overall for the day.

7th-8th September I rode in the BSMA APICO National @ Hawkstone park. I had never ridden on this track so I wasn’t expecting much just to have fun. This was the first time I had ridden my 85 on a sand track too. Qualifying was good,a few steady laps and then I picked up the pace.I was pleased to see my name on the top of the timing sheet. Race 1 ..I got the hole shot and lead for 5 laps ,then I came off and couldn’t get my bike back up so I lost some time and finished in 6th place. 2nd race ..again a good start I was in 4th place ,Then I came off landing hard on my shoulder,I moved off the track checked myself over-all ok-so back on my bike. My bike didn’t feel right so I pulled into the pits for dad to sort it.I lost a lot of time so finished in 18th place. 3rd race..I was in 4th place ready to take the bike in front , I lined up ready to have him on the downhill double towards the finish line as he rolled it over the hill I jumped big and landed on him cartwheeling myself into a ditch on the side of the track. The lad I landed on stayed on . I had to go back to the pits for some serious straightening,so finished in 17th place. Race 4..I took things steady and made my way to 3rd in first lap before the race was red flagged. Overall for the weekend I got 10th.

15th September I was racing at Crediton with southwest. I was looking forward to this,the track looked abit muddy but I like it that way. Qualifying I managed to get 1st place so the gate pick was all mine. The track was very challenging a lot of riders fell off on the first lap.I was getting ready to overtake first place when my front wheel stuck in the mud,I went over the handlebars and twisted before I fell into a heap on the ground. I had a awful pain in my back,quickly I was strapped to a spinal board and taken into the ambulance to get checked over.I wasn’t allowed to move in case I had done some damage,I was given gas and air which was a strange feeling but my back was starting to feel better until it wore off. I was then given stronger painkillers as I was going to be moved,before I knew what was happening I was inside a helicopter with my mum. It was weird in the helicopter as I couldn’t see anything being strapped to a spinal board,when we landed I started being sick and had an awful headache.when we got to the hospital my headache got worse and I was sick a few more times,3 xrays and I had the all clear to go home,a bruised back and concussion I felt very lucky .I must say the medics were brilliant with me and I felt at ease the whole time. This wasn’t going to stop me doing what I love most though.

22nd September I went to ride with Portsmouth mxc at Culham.It was very muddy which sometimes works to my advantage,and this day it did. 1st race I had a bad start but slowly made my way through the pack,my back was a bit sore so I stood up as much as I could and finished 4th.After some painkillers and a rest,the heavens opened,we had so much rain.I was ready to race. 2nd race I had a terrible start just missed a fallen rider on the start straight and knocked someone off in the process. I rode my best and enjoyed passing all the riders stuck in the mud. I did have a off but managed to pick my bike up and start it quickly,I came in 2nd place. 3rd race I wheeled out the start gate and managed to keep control of my bike,I battled into 2nd place and kept a steady pace to finish in 2 nd place. Overall of the day I came 2nd.

29th September i raced with SWOR at littlehempston,my day started pretty well coming 2nd in qualifying so I was happy with that. 1st race I rode well coming 1st in sw and 2nd in sw and bw. 2nd race I rode well again trying hard to overtake the bw rider in front,but it wasn’t meant to be again 1st in sw and 2nd in sw and bw. 3rd race I didn’t feel very well,I had a awful headache,I had some paracetamol before my race but it didn’t work quick enough,as the start gate dropped my head was pounding my vision became blurred so I came in and went to lie down and close my eyes. As I came in my friends bike had blown up so i said he could use mine ,sadly someone reported him and he got disqualified,but it was nice to put a smile back on his face. I got 4th overall.

September 6th I raced at little silver with SWOR 1st race not a bad start 2nd through first corner,then I fell off and had to fight my way back from nearly last to finish in 2nd.

2nd race I had a good start getting first in the first lap and taking the win. 3rd race again a good start leading by the end of the first lap,a small off saw me back to 3rd but I soon regained the lead coming 1st . I came first overall.

25th August 2019

17th& 18th August 2019

The Team Event ,I was riding for southwest mxc. I was so excited,when I got there the track looked so wet and slippery, the adult groups went out they were falling off everywhere .so our practice was delayed so the bigger bikes went out before us. I must admit I love the mud ,and managed to get 3rd qualifying which was my peg pick for the rest of the weekend.Feeling happy my first race I got the hole shot and led for a while,but got passed and managed 2nd. Race 2 I got a bad start,so I rode well to pass most of the riders then crashed coming 5th I was not happy one bit. Overall for the day I got 3rd. The next day the track was a lot dryer,my first race went well I got 3rd. Race 2 was bad,I came off on a hill and had to go down the hill to start my bike and go up the hill again,then I came off again and came 10th. Race 3 I had a good start and was riding well until I came off twice,then I rode like a loon to try to catch the leaders and ran out of time so came 7th. With both days results put together I came 4th overall in small wheels and my club came 2nd.

11th August 2019

One of the clubs had a meeting at Wroxton,I really love that track.so just for practice to see how my foot held up we went to race there.1st race I just couldn’t hold back and came 2nd,2nd race the track was starting to get rutty so I backed off abit and came 3rd, the last race I decided not to do as it tipped down with rain and the track was really slippery.

31st July 2019

Was Rock till Sundown at tincleton,I was so looking forward to this meeting,as I did it last year and came 4th and my plan was to do better. I went out in practice and decided to do 2 slow laps then go for it for qualifying. Things didn’t go to plan 2nd lap my front wheel got stuck in some sludge I put my foot down and my bike went over onto my foot,geez did it hurt I knew I had done something bad. So off to hospital we went and found that I had broken 2 bones in my foot and I had to wear a big black boot .I was gutted as I really wanted to do the team event in 2 weeks time. My mum and dad knew how upset I was so they booked me into having oxygen therapy, it’s known to help bones heal quicker.I went into what looks like a submarine and my ears would pop like when you go on an airplane and once we had reached the right pressure I had to put an oxygen mask on for an hour, I played cards to pass the time,I also mastered how to cheat . My foot didn’t seem to hurt anymore,so things were looking good for the team event.

28th July 2019

I went to race at Bodmin Cornwall with southwest mxc,I’ve never ridden on this track before so I was looking forward to it.I went out in practice and came off at the bottom of the track where no one was there to help me,I couldn’t pick my bike up as it was stuck in the mud so when help did arrive I only got 1 lap in. So I wasn’t happy and told my dad to stand there in case I came off again. Big wheels and small wheels went out together and that’s how I like it.I loved the first race and enjoyed the track I came 3rd in sw and 7th in both classes.Then again I got the same result in race 2. Race 3 was a total disaster,I think I may have been trying to hard,my mum said I spent more time kissing the dirt than riding my bike,I got 8th in sw and 12th in both classes,which got me 4th overall in sw.

21st July 2019

On 21st of July we went to Tincleton with Ringwood mxc.

1st Moto ,he came 3rd 2nd Moto,was rubbish (in bens words ) He smashed into the gate getting his wheel stuck,so going from last he had to work his way through the pack,only to be taken out by another rider he got going again then fell off again .which then resulted in his bars being bent,so he stopped by Paul to straighten them out and off he went to finish the race in 16th I think. 3rd Moto,he wasn’t going to make the same mistake,so a good ride saw him get 4th .

11th July 2019

Since my last update I have been busy firstly round 5 with southwest mxc on 16th June at whiteway Barton. It was a very wet and muddy day, must admit I LOVE these conditions. First race I got 3rd ,second race I got 2nd so getting 2nd overall wasn’t too bad after a few muddy offs . Only 2 blocks as the track was getting dangerous,which was a shame as I was looking forward to race 3.

On the 23rd June we went to grittenham with Ringwood mxc ,I’m always a little nervous at this track to start with as it’s where I broke my knee, once I have my head in race mode I’m fine. I had some tough competition which is good as gives me more determination to push harder,I managed to stay in the top 3, getting 2,2,3 which made it 2nd overall but as the lad in front of me wasn’t a member I got 1st in club.

On the 30th of June we went to Landrake with SWOR I do enjoy riding with this club as the group is inters 9-14 so there’s big wheels too and I do enjoy beating them.The track was sweet and I loved it only 2 blocks due to paramedics not having any gas and air for us younger ones if we hurt ourselves, mum said good call but I said I don’t need pain relief. 1st race I came 2nd,2nd race I got 1st giving me 1st overall.......WICKED.

I think the highlight of the last month has to be the Tommos remembrance event, I really enjoyed being welcomed into the TDF team. My bike looked FACTORY and I love it. I enjoyed looking at the jetski’s which I wouldn’t mind having a go as the tricks they do look awesome. It must have been hard for some but they did an amazing job making it an amazing day . Thank you TDF ,it’s awesome being part of your team.

7th June 2019

Hi my name is Ben Sullivan, I am 12 years old and ride a husqvanna tc85 sw which I love racing. I started riding on a Yamaha pw50 in 2013. My first race was February 2014 on my pw50 at Rogers hill when I was 6 years old. In 2015 I got a Ktm 50, I came first in Poole & parkstone club championship in the cadets class. And 2nd in the Ringwood Mxc auto championship . In 2016 I moved up to the 65’s ,the season was going well until I broke my right knee and ruptured my acl ligaments racing at grittenham . Unluckily after recovering from that injury I crashed while practicing at mildenhall and broke my left knee, damaging ligaments again. A major operation to reconstruct my ligaments meant over 9 months without riding,but I returned stronger and more motivated than before. The worst thing about injuries is not being able to ride while recovering. I practice every week and my favourite track is Washbrook farm. This season I am riding my 85cc in the southwest mxc championship and south Somerset. I have had race wins with both clubs and hope to finish in the top 3 in both club championships. It was a mega shock when Lisa and lynn approached me at a recent meeting at cusses gorse ,to be offered support and new graphics for my bike is amazing, I’m really excited and looking forward to the rest of the season with TDF thank you so much for this opportunity.

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