Ben Sullivan TDF Wales

Updated: Jun 22

18th June 2021

5th June we went to warmingham lane with the AMCA Championship. The track I had never ridden before. I was doing round 3 on the Saturday which was 2 races and round 4 on the Sunday which was 3 races.

Qualifying on Saturday I got 4th so that was my gate pick for the day.

Race 1 ,I had a few battles with no mistakes getting 2nd place.

Race 2 ,I was struggling with the heat,but once on the start line I was focused,again trying to better my own lap times.I got 4th giving me 3rd overall and a place on the podium.

Day 2, the track had some rain in the night which made it very muddy..the way I like it.

As my result from Saturday was 3rd overall that would be my gate pick for the day on Sunday.

Race 1, wasn’t the best start,so I had to work my way through a few riders. I managed to get the fastest lap time. I came 2nd .

Race 2, again a few battles and thinking ahead as the track was getting rough,I got 3rd.

Race 3, the final race of the weekend and the most nerve wrecking for my mum and dad. Again not the best start.I had to fight my way through some riders and then focus on the first place rider,once in my sight I had to stay calm (that’s what Ryan tells me) ,so I don’t make any mistakes.There was a few times I went to pass him but I couldn’t get a good line to safely pass him.I came over the finish line in 2nd place only 2 seconds behind 1st.

For the day I got 2nd overall and another place on the podium too.

31st may we went to marshfield with corsham,I rode this track last in 2016 on my 65cc bike, seems such a long time ago.

I enjoyed riding this track,it was muddy to start with a low fog and cold.

I had a few battles to get into first place then I was on my own again out front. I had to think before trying to overtake the back markers ,once past I was off.

I got 1,1,1 and received a £50 voucher for my wins.

29th of may was a great day’s racing at foxhills. I love this track. It’s been a while since I was last here, qualifying I got 1st.

In the first race there was a hole shot prize up for grabs,I was going to try for that as there was a few things dad and I wanted.

As the gates went down I flew up the start straight and around the first corner bagging the hole shot.

I rode really well and I was out on my own ,so my plan was to better my own lap times . I won every race,so I was concentrating on my riding and not making mistakes.

I got 1st overall and the hole shot prize,great result.

16th may once again meetings were cancelled due to the weather being awful.

We went to Highley with CYMX this was my first time at this track,the track looked pretty awesome,not may jumps but very technical.

Practice/qualifying I messed up as I thought it was only practice.

1st race I got a good start not far behind the fast boys ,somehow they made a mistake and took each other out giving me the chance to pass them. I was in second place for the first lap but they soon caught me and overtook me. So I tried my hardest to keep them in my sight coming in 6th place. These are the times I wish my bike was tuned.

2nd race the track was starting to get rough and I had arm pump ,but I had a good race and came 8th place,I lost 1 place because the yellow flags were out meaning no over taking or jumping as someone has fallen off,so I slowed down and the rider behind me flew past he should of been disqualified but wasn’t.

3rd race the track was really rough now,I didn’t have the best start which annoyed me,so I had to work hard to get near the leaders. I just had to concentrate on my riding and came in 8th place. Getting 7th overall for the day.

May the 9th should of been a BSMA Championship Race weekend at culham but due to the track being too wet it was cancelled.so we went to Grittenham with Ringwood mxc.

The track was very wet to start with so they put the adults out first and we had our first practice after there first race. When it was my turn to ride the track was just how I like it Wet and Muddy. I do like this track when it’s like this.

1st race wasn’t the best start but I soon got into first place and that’s where I stayed.

2nd race I flew out the start getting the hole shot and straight into 1st place ,I was loving the track,so concentrating on getting better lap times was my goal. I stayed in 1st through out the race.

3rd race again I flew out the start gate getting the hole shot and into 1st place. I was enjoying the track and stayed in 1st place. Getting the overall win in first place for the day.

I spent some of the day with my TDF team mates,it was nice encouraging them and telling them how well they were doing.

18th May 2021

On the 2nd of may I rode with corsham at frocester,this was the first time I had ridden at this track I was excited to be racing.

Practice was 2 laps so I had a chance to get to know the track,I got 3rd in qualifying.

1st race wasn’t a bad start,I had to get past one rider to be able to chase the leader. Once I had passed him the leader was too far ahead for me to catch before the finish flag was out. I got 2nd place.

2nd race was a better start until I got to the second corner and dropped it,I then had to work hard to get to the front of the pack,I managed another 2nd place.

3rd race again I had a good start until someone cut in front of me and I caught my wheel on his I went flying into the mud then I had to dodge the oncoming bikes. I was quick to get back on my bike a few hits of my handle bars to straighten my wheel and I was off on a mission to catch up.At this time I was in last position so I had to think ahead and work my way through the riders.I was doing my best and came in 4th place. So altogether for the day I got 2nd overall.

25th April we went to brookethorpe for a race day. There was a mixed group that I was riding in but not many taking part.

The 1st race I had a good battle with one rider but he beat me on the finish line by seconds so I got 2nd place,my clutch wasn’t set up right so dad did a few adjustments ready for my next race.

2nd race once again a good start,few hairy moments trying to get past the leader so I decided to back off as I didn’t want to hurt myself.

3rd race the track was pretty rough now ,so I wasn’t going to be silly I stayed in a comfortable 2nd place giving me the overall position of 2nd place . Not bad for my first race of 2021.

18 th April I went to culham mx track for practice as I have a race coming up there soon. The first couple of blocks the track was mint but it started to get rough as the day went on . The track was fast and there were some fast riders out there too. In my last block my clutch began to make weird sound so I decided that would be my last ride of the day as I didn’t want to make it worse. Dad knew it was on its way out.

10th April I was invited to a private practice @ tincleton,I was able to invite one of my friends,so it was nice riding with him.

16th March 2021

2021 is going to be a busy season racing for me once lockdown has eased and we can start racing. I’m doing the AMCA British Championship with Ieuan and Rhys. Some of the tracks I have never ridden before so it’s going to be exciting. The 16th may will be my first race at Boraston. I’m also doing the BSMA Apico National Championship with Holly and Kayden. I’m looking forward to this championship as I have done a couple of wildcards in the past years which were great fun. Due to covid they had to cancel the first 2 rounds at culham and landrake. So I’m looking forward to 8/9th of may at wroxton,not my favourite track anymore because I hurt my foot and fractured my wrist there. On my free weekends I’m doing southwest championship. Since my last blog update there hasn’t been any racing/riding . I’ve been playing on my PS4 a lot. School had been closed and all my lessons were online. I tried not doing it but mum had an email so I got into trouble. I’m was missing my friends at school and motocross.

’m trying to get fit again,I have mums bike on a static trainer in my room . I did an hour the other day and my legs were killing me the next day.

5th January 2021

Yay Saturday 5th December lockdown number 2 had been eased and I was able to go out and play on my bike. I was so looking forward to it.

I did go out a few times on my mountain bike with dad to try and keep my fitness up but to be honest I do like to play on my PS4 a little more than my mum likes.

Anyway we went to Arncott for a practice day,the track was good considering it had a lot of rain the night before. I really had fun trying to better myself with each session.

Sunday 6th December we went to PCMP ,early morning frost made the track challenging.As the day went on the track started to dry out and the sun was shining. I had lots of fun riding with my friends again. A few bike issues made my dad stressy but hopefully sorted soon.

13th December we went to little silver for a practice day,the weather had been pretty bad lately so we knew it was going to be tricky.

It was great fun,I do love riding in muddy conditions. It was great catching up with friends too.

19th December not many tracks open due to the weather and Covid-19 still.

We had to travel a little bit to go to Mildenhall ,it’s a fun sand track.I enjoyed pushing myself in each session .The last session I was flying and my bike went pop ooppppsss. Good job my dad knows what he’s doing.within a few hours we were back home,bike cleaned and in bits ,problem found and dads on the case.

We had a lovely Christmas,I knew what some of my presents were as I asked for them,but the biggest surprise was a GoPro 9 . I can’t wait to use it ,it has so many new functions. I also got 2 pairs of fist gloves which I love too.

Boxing Day we usually go to my auntie and uncles but due to COVID we had to stay home,not a problem as it meant I could play with my friends on my PS4.

On New Year’s Day we got invited to ride @ Tchorek Mx ,only 5 in my group and 5 in the auto/65group so not many of us .

I found it very cold and slippery to start with.My hands were so cold they hurt.

I did slip on ice and my bike did a 360 and ended up going into my leg. I carried on riding. The track soon thawed out.Dad put one of my Kendra tyres on which made me have better grip and I was able to enjoy riding a bit more.

I’m really looking forward to Covid getting under control so I can get on and race.

I’m excited about what TDF have lined up for me.

So here’s a BIG thank you to Lynne,Ryan,Zoe &Lisa.

18th November 2020

17th October we went to pcmp for a practice day,I enjoyed riding and having fun with my friends .I had a few bike issues which dad sorted before the day was over, so my bike would be ready for my race on Sunday.

18th October was race day @ Wroxton. I enjoy riding this track,the jumps are big.

Practice ...the big and small wheels were put together which means I had no idea how well I was riding.

The track was ok but,not enough ruts.

1st race I was ready ,a pretty good start I was near the front riders. I came through the flag in 5th place,so I was riding fast. I was just coming to a corner when I braked and my back wheel locked on and made my bike high side and spat me off. I tumbled about 4 times ,I got up slightly confused then got back on my bike.

I was now in last position.My wrist was hurting a little,but I had to get my head back into the race.

I started going past riders,but then after a few jumps my wrist was hurting more. I saw the last lap flag so decided to finish the race,coming in in 21st position.

My mum met me at the finish and asked if I was ok, i said my wrist hurt which by this time was already swollen.

No more riding for me that day.

A trip to A & E confirmed that I had a buckle fracture. So gutted no riding for 4-6 weeks.

Then we went into lockdown again for another month. I still have to go to school,but no riding which ment that my wrist had time to heal properly.

I do like the fact that I’m able to see my friends at school this time so it does make lockdown abit better.

I’ve just had my push bike repaired so hopefully go out with dad to try to keep fit.

18th October 2020

19 September was racing at whiteway Barton with southwest mxc. I’m not a fan of this track,but there’s always a track somewhere you don’t like so just p