Callum Irvine TDF Ambassador

Updated: May 16

16th May 2021

Managed to ride my bike a few weekends ago, thoroughly enjoyed being back out track side that’s for sure, go new T4R kit which has been a pleasure to wear I must say, being able to ride has been a very enjoyable experience for me as it’s a easy time to reset my mind ready for the week ahead.

16th March 2021

I don't have a lot to write as we are still unable to ride the tracks and all i have done during the Pandemic is work.

Im looking forward to getting back out on the track on the 3rd April and seeing all the other TDF riders at Cheddar.

I thought as i don't have a lot to write that i would share a few images instead.

Stay safe everyone.

Thanks to all my sponsors for 2021



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5th January 2021

Well what a year 2020 turned out to be, started off well and then March hit, I guess we never knew how bad it was going to Be. I thought when we went into the first Lockdown that I wouldn’t be busy but I have worked all the way through Covid.

Obviously riding took a massive hit and I’ve only been out on my bike a handful of times since and now are in another lockdown I guess there will be no riding in January. Christmas was great lovely presents, good food and family, what more could you ask for. My girlfriend said yes to marrying me.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, a happy new year 2021 and please all stay safe during Covid

18th October 2020

Past few weeks has been amazing on the bike, feeling at home and no longer loosing speed over a period of time from being off the bike. Started trying harder lines than I did before pushing into corners harder, really feeling at home with riding can’t wait to do more of it.

18th September 2020

The past two weekends have been phenomenal, the bike rode amazing both days and I felt amazing, recently had the addition of new graphics and plastics which have set the bike of! Looking forward to another weekend on the bike and trying out the new duck smart products!

10th August 2020

Been riding over the last few weekends getting used to the bike and riding at faster paces than I did before, cheddars new track layout has made me change quite a lot in my riding style. The new KTM is proving its worth by making me want to push myself further and harder, looking forward to being able to ride more and more.