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Updated: May 16, 2021

16th May 2021

Managed to ride my bike a few weekends ago, thoroughly enjoyed being back out track side that’s for sure, go new T4R kit which has been a pleasure to wear I must say, being able to ride has been a very enjoyable experience for me as it’s a easy time to reset my mind ready for the week ahead.

16th March 2021

I don't have a lot to write as we are still unable to ride the tracks and all i have done during the Pandemic is work.

Im looking forward to getting back out on the track on the 3rd April and seeing all the other TDF riders at Cheddar.

I thought as i don't have a lot to write that i would share a few images instead.

Stay safe everyone.

Thanks to all my sponsors for 2021



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Goss motoX

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5th January 2021

Well what a year 2020 turned out to be, started off well and then March hit, I guess we never knew how bad it was going to Be. I thought when we went into the first Lockdown that I wouldn’t be busy but I have worked all the way through Covid.

Obviously riding took a massive hit and I’ve only been out on my bike a handful of times since and now are in another lockdown I guess there will be no riding in January. Christmas was great lovely presents, good food and family, what more could you ask for. My girlfriend said yes to marrying me.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, a happy new year 2021 and please all stay safe during Covid

18th October 2020

Past few weeks has been amazing on the bike, feeling at home and no longer loosing speed over a period of time from being off the bike. Started trying harder lines than I did before pushing into corners harder, really feeling at home with riding can’t wait to do more of it.

18th September 2020

The past two weekends have been phenomenal, the bike rode amazing both days and I felt amazing, recently had the addition of new graphics and plastics which have set the bike of! Looking forward to another weekend on the bike and trying out the new duck smart products!

10th August 2020

Been riding over the last few weekends getting used to the bike and riding at faster paces than I did before, cheddars new track layout has made me change quite a lot in my riding style. The new KTM is proving its worth by making me want to push myself further and harder, looking forward to being able to ride more and more.

June 2020

After a decent day of riding last Friday and breaking in the bike it was an amazing feeling to be back in the saddle, it was a really relaxed day and was really easy to get back into the swing of things, not much else to add as I have been working everyday during the covid 19 period, I hope everyone is staying safe and is eager to get back onto the track! Many thanks to all our sponsors

6th February 2020

22nd November 2019

After many weeks off the bike (too many) I’ve decided to go and purchase a new bike for the up coming season, it will be a 2020 ktm 250 sxf which will take me to the next level of the racing career that I’m chasing, recently I have been working Monday to Saturday every week from 8 till 5:30 and haven’t really had time for anything else, I can’t wait for the weather to get better and for me to be able to start training once again, I intend to push myself harder and put the TDF name out there even more next year! I’m very excited on what the team has to offer and still find it hard to believe that I’m on it. Recently in the free time I have had Over the past few weeks I have built little bits on my car from lowering it to putting wheels and a tune on it, it’s another passion of mine which keeps me busy when there isn’t much else to do. Christmas is coming up and I would love to be back out on the bike before then to get some wet weather training in.

19th August 2019

Little silver wasn’t as I hoped for a team event as it was muddy from the start and only first race in my radiators clogged with mud decided to lose all of my coolant on the last lap, I was running 10th out of 35-40 so riders and felt really comfortable on the bike, race two lap two I was landed on by another rider and was taken to the ambulance and treated for a concussion,damaged rotator cuff in my right shoulder, and neck muscle damage. I then woke up for day two and pulled a 31,30,28th which I felt good about considering I had partial loss of sight in my left eye and still a mild concussion, the bike ran amazing day two and the track was better prepared.

11th July 2019

Last weekend was an amazing ride, getting to cherish another special moment of the 2nd year of Tommos dream foundation and a shocking experience for all. Seeing everyone gathered at the track was and still is a sight I will never forget! 1st practice I unfortunately gained a rear puncture but fortunately had it repaired and continued on with the day, 2nd and 3rd Moto I had a lot of fun battling with mates and just having the time to go fast and try new things! After 2 solid Motos of riding me and the whole of TDF lined up on the 2nd to last jump for our one minute rev up for Tom! This quite honestly sent chills down my spine and made me ever so great full to be apart of the amazing foundation. Next weekend I’m racing at little silver and hoping to come away with a top ten.

7th june 2019

After a hard weekend on the bike I’ve been able to look back and see my results and what I did good at during my races, on the first day I felt really comfortable and stayed in the top 10, the day after I suffered riding the whole day with a flat front tyre a painful shoulder and a bruised heal, I managed to stay top 10 again in this moto and came 6th over all in the championship, I’m currently sat 9th over all and I’m very happy with that as I was riding with an injury, however I’m happy with this weekends riding and I’m looking forward to the next race.

22nd March 2019

Wednesday was such an amazing day for me, i finally felt comfortable on the bike and finally felt like i was myself again, was riding well throughout the day going through ruts with speed and finding out what needed to be adjusted on the bike for the season. I really looking forward to the 7th of next month as I'm racing at Crediton Raceway, I'm really looking forward to racing this year and taking my motocross to the next level. I also had a checkup on my shoulder yesterday and an X-ray this showed my shoulder to be fit and healthy to which they have decided to leave the screw in my shoulder for the time being. Im training a lot more now and feeling stronger on the bike.

18th January 2019

Well last weekend was a weekend to remember, felt really good on the bike even after the rain fall, shoulder is still a bit tender however pushing forward is both fun and doing well. Glad to be on the bike more and more, training as hard as i can.

18th November 2018

Back on the bike at Cheddar again, surrounded by amazing people! Finally felt like i am back to where i need to be! Training is starting for the 2019 season, i picked up another sponsor for the 2019 season, thank you Decent Concepts for helping keep my bike clean. Im really enjoying the MX at the moment.

3rd November 2018

Finally back at cheddar! It was slightly wet and very windy but it was so good to be back! Still taking it easy due to the recent accident. I couldn't of asked for a more chill day with family and mates. Bike ran amazingly as always! The ruts on the track were mint and the track rode well all day even with the wind. Really happy to be back on the bike !

27th October 2018

First day back on the bike since my accident, riding at Cefn Motoparc. For the TDF surf and turf day. It was a very cold day and i was riding at a track that I've never had a go on before. I was a little bit nervous getting back onto the bike but quickly felt comfortable after the first session. Throughout the day i had the chance to chill with Corey and the rest of TDF and watch a quality bit of riding up on the hill it was rather cold which kept effecting my shoulder at times but i still had a laugh on the bike, all round a really good and enjoyable day.

18th October 2018

Today i had my review with my consultant following my surgery, i was given the good news after

having another X-ray that the bone had come back together perfectly and that i could finally start the road to a proper recovery, however in 5 months time i have to go back to have the screw removed.

Friday 12th October 2018

Quick update on Tuesday i had surgery to screw my collar bone, Im doing my exercises given to me by the Physiotherapist and I'm having another review on Thursday

4th October 2018

Just a quick update, Callum was riding his mx bike at Cheddar on Sunday 30th September. He was having a really good ride until the last ride of the day, he done the triple jump and crashed. He was so lucky he was wearing an expensive helmet and neck brace, after being knocked unconscious, Callum was checked over by the medics ( who were amazing). He was a lucky lad, he has a broken collar bone, but to be honest if he hadn't of been wearing his neck brace it would of been a totally different story. He is going in to have surgery on Tuesday and we will keep you all updated with his progress.

Sunday 4th September 2018

After the photo shoot was astounded by the amount of signed and donated shirts that were given to the foundation! It really gives me the drive to push harder after seeing this, It was also a nice moment and occasion to meet and speak to the other riders and find out more about them. Got to say I'm really looking forward to seeing the article about us in Dirt Bike Rider magazine the October edition

Hello, my name is Callum Irvine, i am 19 years old and i have been riding since the age of 12. I started my life in motocross on a Yamaha TT-R 125, i then moved up to a KTM 85 which was one of the most fun bikes I've ever ridden. At the age of 13 i moved to a Musquin Replica 250cc KTM which was the bike i had the longest! I recently moved up to a 2018 KTM 250 and majorly moved my skills up in the Motocross world. Im a mechanic at Yeovil Ford and use motocross to get away from it all. I got into motocross to spend more time with my dad and learn more about a competitive sport, however i have made so many new mates during my 7 years in the sport. In recent times I've competed in my first race and qualified for 250-450A which i was quite proud of! However my greatest (and personally my favourite) achievement has to be picking up the sponsor and support from TDF as a team rider surrounded by the support of smashing team mates, Lynne and Lisa.

Im hoping to follow a full race career in the sport and make a name for me in the TDF team. Its also been a dream for me to race for a team that is as supportive as this one.

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