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Updated: Mar 20

16th March 2021

Hey everyone it’s been very quiet with not much happening with all the tracks shut. I’ve only managed to go out a few times on my oset & mountain bike, I really enjoyed myself!! Can’t wait for Mx to start again I’m buzzing

Hi my name is Camron-Jai Crane but everyone calls me Camron or just Cams. I am 9 years old.

I will take you back to my early years of riding and when my love for riding started.. So when I was around 3/4 years of age my dad bought me a pw50 as my first ever bike and I absolutely loved it although mum was not keen! Dad on the other hand was over joyed with excitement 😁 we didn't really go out much on my pw50 it was just a bit of fun here and there with friends as and when we could.

My 7th Birthday was the day mum and dad bought me my KTM sx50 and I was absolutely excited for this big bike!! We went out with friends on the fields and I felt so grown up and such a big boy I was BUZZING!!

Some time into riding my new bike dad took me to Thornbury and I slid off in the rain, it frightened me and I didn't get on straight after falling, my dad lost his license soon after for a year due to medical reasons and I refused to get on so all in all I did not ride for 18 months and I lost all my confidence in myself and felt I couldn't do it.

17th May 2020 some of my friends we're going out on their bikes so we went along I felt so nervous and actually really didn't want to get on but I put my big boy pants on and finally got on, it was a wobbly start and I only managed a couple of laps but everyone was cheering me on I did it and I felt good. We had fun after that and I found myself again my love for riding and at any opportunity we was out ripping it..

Dad said to me mate your too big for your 50 we need to go to a 65 geared your ready for it mate 😬 GEARED and CLUTCH??!! what??!! 😲 I cant do that.. Dad got me my KTM sx65 and I loved my new bike but when I went out on it I couldn't understand gears!!

Here we was again I refused to ride and told my dad to sell the bike I can't do it I'm scared! Not that I let on to anyone, I so wanted to ride but felt I just couldn't do it.

We went along to cheddar Motorpark to watch my friend ride, my dad took my bike just in the hope I might try it but I chewed my sleeve the whole time worried so my parents said no pressure buddy if you aren't ready it's fine. While I was there my dad's friend came over and said to me meet me on an evening and I will help you learn the gears and clutch, as my dad can't run around with me he felt he could help us in the best way he could so we did we met up and after 3 evenings I cracked it he was my hero thanks Ash 👌 he showed me how to do the gears and clutch!!

August 9th 2020 mum and dad took me to cheddar motorpark never had I been on a track like this before I was so nervous. But I smashed it felt good and was thinking what was I worried about 🤷‍♂️ so in 7 weeks I have rode Cheddar motorpark, MX academy, BWL mx, Minchinhampton and on the 12-13th Sept 2020 I tried out my first ever race weekend experience at kids R us southam with Tom Arnold, I went with my friends we loved the experience and can't wait to do it again!! I am so proud of myself as well as all my family plus my sister she comes every weekend to support me. I did 3 races Saturday 3 races sunday and came in over all 9th out of 31 rider's I couldn't believe it what a buzz mum screamed like I came 1st ha ha.

Now here I am with my first sponsor thank you to Lisa and Lynne for this opportunity I can not wait to see where this goes it's an honor that you have asked me to be apart of Tommos Dream Foundation ✊

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