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21st December 2021

Hi everyone hope you are ok, since I last wrote a blog our family has grown and I now have a new little brother his name is Apollo-James Jude Morrison, we have been riding as many weekends as possible, just to keep fresh as I know my bike will be going in for a full engine rebuild at Christmas, here is a small round up of what I have been doing since l last write my blog, I have raced Tincleton Mx track twice coming away with a 3rd and a 12th due to crashing out of the last race and breaking my throttle, we then booked in to race the Summit Moto Winter Championship, we missed the first round at Yarley due to bike issues, but we have since raced the last 3 rounds and I’ve had some really good results, North Nibley 1, I came away 3rd overall the track there is amazing really enjoyed racing there, North Nibley 2, was so fast some new riders came and I rode hard to come home 5th overall, track was tough but I really enjoyed the track again and the racing all day was amazing,

Yarley 2 I hadn’t rode here since my first race win on my auto the track was completely different but in amazing condition apart from one big puddle I made some mistakes but left having learned some valuable lessons #Stayawayfrompuddles but I left with 3rd overall and minus 1 glove really happy with my riding at the moment can’t wait to show what I’m capable of next year!

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29th September 2021

Hi everyone, I’ve had some great races since my last blog, been looking awesome in my new kit I can’t thank the guys at TDF for getting me this and T4R for supplying such a sick kit!! I’ll start of with Airbourne Gunner supercross, this event was amazing I went 4-4-4 for 4th overall the track was amazing the jumps were big the bit that caught me out was the whoops just couldn’t find the right rhythm but we know what to work on for next time! From SX straight into MX and into the rock it til sundown event the very next day where we only had 2 races, due to injuries in other race’s I came away with a 12th overall I was a little disappointed as I was feeling the effects of heat stroke an felt I could do slightly better, I also got to meet my sponsor at ducksmart, an he sent me away with loads of goodies!! Thank you so much Gary!! We then went on to Culham for the BSMA National where I had a great race result of 7th in the final race an I came home with a 9th overall!!Really happy! When Masterkids 2021 changed venue to Cusses gorse mx dad gave me the choice Foxhills or Cusses gorse, an I’ve always wanted to do Masterkids but other things got in the way, my mission was to do well in the A group and without a Dnf in race 3 I believe I would of got it, but I crashed on the second uphill triple and that played with my confidence a bit but I left safe and with a 17th overall which is something to work on for next year! The last race I competed in was a local club championship round at West Meon Mx track, where I had some awesome battles with one of my friends, it came down to the last race to decide the overall and we went for it while I was leading his rear brake failed but he really made me work for the win, I had quite a good gap going into the final lap an dad just told me to take it easy something he hasn’t done since I was on the auto, so I must be improving We also lost a bright star in the MX world this month Ride in paradise #factoryjude101 Missed and Never Forgotten x As always mum and dad keep me racing but without my sponsors I wouldn’t be able to achieve these great results so thank you so much to all and welcome to my new sponsor D&B Facades over cladding specialists who are Focused exclusively on high-quality external refurbishment #burbidgesbakery #tommosdreamfoundation #TDF #ducksmart #t4r #dynamitescaffolding #motoxchange #jhcoatings #kenda #srcmx #gmilward #tengtools #twsgreatbritain #apraceservices #shutterdoorservices #dpbrakes #gossmotox #essentialdecals #10tenmx # dbfacades

7th August 2021

Hi everyone,

I hope your doing ok, I’ve had 3 races this month 2 at cusses gorse and 1 at west meon can’t thank all that have helped us with getting to these races as dad hasn’t had a van so you’ve been great!! In the first race at cusses I had a 12th overall with my best race that day being a 9th at the second race day at cusses I went 16-6-7 not sure on the overall but happy with my final 2 races

At west meon I enjoyed the track a lot more than I have the last 2 times I’ve been there an I got a 4-3-3 for 3rd overall really happy as there was some quick riders even tho there was only ten of us out there, I also turned 12 this month which has been great as Mum,Dad and Nan bought me my amazing wheelie bike!

Can’t wait to join up with my team again which isn’t long we are all racing at the steel hawk motorcycle club events at cusses gorse on 3/4th august so come and cheer us on! Thank you as always for taking your time to read this

See you in a month

Junior 259

18th June 2021

Hi gang this months blog is jam packed, to start it off we visited grittenham mx track where we met up with the TDF gang which was awesome! It was a great day and I finished 2-2-2 behind Ben which was hard work as I had Hollie chasing me for my positions!! It was great meeting up with my teammates and racing!!

Bad bit dads van broke on the way home😣

We rode at our local track for 2 weeks and 1 week Kayden came up an rode with me, it was a good day as we were both getting confident trying new things! I can now do a no hander🙈and finally I’ve done another local race meeting at Rogershill raceway which was a great day as I took my friend for his first racing experience an he did really well! An I came home 3rd overall after some epic battles! When dad gets a van again we will be looking to try another round of the nationals as i feel ive gained some more confidence,my school have also picked me to attend the youth adventure trust which will happen between now and year 9! I can’t wait! Thanks as always for reading an I’ll be back in a month

Junior 259

16th May 2021

Hi guys this months blog is just full of riding we’ve been practising on a Wednesday, school are on board that as long as I keep up with all my work I can leave at lunch to get some extra practise which is seriously helping, dad keeps calling me MUBBA (mini bubba Stewart) my bike looks amazing thanks too essential decals, even got asked if it was a Kawasaki 😂 I’ve done 2 races, which didn’t go quite to plan but this year is only going to get better as I’m only going to grow in confidence, got to have a day out with @crane466 at marsh field which was amazing we even made it on Tommy searles Vlog check it out on YouTube!! Thank you for reading an I’ll see you all soon

Junior 259

16th March 2021

So this months been pretty quiet, I’ve not stopped riding my push bike, but it’s been mainly school work and I’ve also had 2 really good Zoom calls with my physiotherapist, I know dads slowly getting my bike prepared for the first round of the BSMA, new piston, new clutch, an I can’t wait to see what he has in store with my graphics he’s told me it’s a surprise! But I’ve seen some designs that look similar to James ’bubba’ Stewart’s old bike😉 I’m also looking forward to getting my T4R motocross kit as it looks amazing!!!!!

My Duck smart bottle for life has been amazing too make sure you guys get yourselves one!! Can’t thank all my sponsors for sticking by me in these crazy times an I can’t wait to get back in the saddle an represent you guys how I know best!! Keep that throttle pinned an I’ll see you all in a month


5th January 2021

Hi guys I’d like to wish you all a happy new year! And I hope you all had the best Xmas possible, sorry to say I missed my last blog (Dads fault) but I would like to start with that Dad took me to race at owslebury it was a great track really old school! I had some great battles with #777 but I grabbed the overall win that day, since then though I’ve had a handful of practises with my sister who I’ve been helping Dad to teach her the basics, which has been fun we used cheddar motopark most of those times as I like how the track is an it has a great track for my sister to use while Learning.

my school work has been going pretty good but we haven’t spent much time in school as we’ve been sent home to isolate because pupils in my school year had tested positive for Covid,

I’ve been waiting to start physiotherapy for my torn ACL which I started at the beginning of December my next appointment is in 3 weeks so I’m working hard to get the the right technique for the exercises I’ve been given,

I’ve been learning to wheelie I’m doing ok, now I can do one handers and I’m learning to get my feet on to the frame from the pedals and manual and back in to a wheelie, it’s been so fun

Finally I’d like to thank everyone of my sponsors for all they did for me in 2020

And I’m working hard to make 2021 my best year yet, and with the team behind me I know it’s possible!

See you all on a start line soon!



14th August 2020

Hi My name is Fabian-Junior, I’m 11 years old and I’m just about to go in to my 1st year at Avon valley college.

I’ve been racing motocross for 5 years now but I’ve been around bikes since I was born as my dad tried to race!

I race every week usually between Portsmouth Mx club and Ringwood Mx club but I’ve also done a couple British youth national championship races, 

In  2018 I was Portsmouth Mx Club auto Champion, I won a variety of trophies at there presentation evening it was amazing, I also finished 2nd at the Mcf grand slam that year too

In 2019 I moved to the 65cc class where I battled all year and came back 3rd in Portsmouth Mx club championship alongside racing the Ringwood Mx championship where I finished 1st, I also got the chance to race the arenacross championship where I had a fantastic 3rd in Belfast arena, I was sitting in 4th in The championship Before I crashed and tore my ACL, missing the final 2 races I dropped to 6th overall🤙🏾 Due to COVID I’ve had chance to rehabilitate my leg muscles to enable me to ride again,

My sponsor at Burbidges Bakery Andover agreed I was ready for the small wheel 85 as I’d grown a little since February, so now I’m on my 2020 small wheel Husqvarna my aim is to try and qualify for an emx85 race but I know I’ve got a lot of hard work before that happens!



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