Fabian Morrison TDF Southwest

Hi My name is Fabian-Junior, I’m 11 years old and I’m just about to go in to my 1st year at Avon valley college.

I’ve been racing motocross for 5 years now but I’ve been around bikes since I was born as my dad tried to race!

I race every week usually between Portsmouth Mx club and Ringwood Mx club but I’ve also done a couple British youth national championship races, 

In  2018 I was Portsmouth Mx Club auto Champion, I won a variety of trophies at there presentation evening it was amazing, I also finished 2nd at the Mcf grand slam that year too

In 2019 I moved to the 65cc class where I battled all year and came back 3rd in Portsmouth Mx club championship alongside racing the Ringwood Mx championship where I finished 1st, I also got the chance to race the arenacross championship where I had a fantastic 3rd in Belfast arena, I was sitting in 4th in The championship Before I crashed and tore my ACL, missing the final 2 races I dropped to 6th overall🤙🏾 Due to COVID I’ve had chance to rehabilitate my leg muscles to enable me to ride again,

My sponsor at Burbidges Bakery Andover agreed I was ready for the small wheel 85 as I’d grown a little since February, so now I’m on my 2020 small wheel Husqvarna my aim is to try and qualify for an emx85 race but I know I’ve got a lot of hard work before that happens!





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