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18th June 2021

Hollie has really enjoyed being back on the bike this last few weeks, with regular training sessions, it’s all starting to pay off, we’ve done lots of different events to get her going with some gate practice and she is flying, she is really showing dedication and getting some brilliant results.

RD1 of Hollies SWMXC championship we were are Bodmin, track was mint, and this was were we saw Hollie get her first ever hole shot in 3 years of riding competitions, she was made up, had 3 great gate starts that weekend resulting in an brilliant overall and making for stand for the championship.

Really looking forward to getting her BSMA nationalS / RHL WMX underway now, and start showing everyone what this girl is made of…….💪💪

We also had a lush day at Port Talbot meeting the other side of the TDF family, all made us very welcome and Hollie realised she can jet ski too…🙄!

Thank you to everyone for the help support and advice you give Hollie #112 girl power 👊 👊

16th March 2021

Hollie Roberts age 13, currently studying at Crispin School Street.

2021 season I will be competing on a Gas Gas MC 85BW, riding in the BSMA Nationals, Southwest Club Championship and finally taking on some Girls in the WMX with RHL activities.

Also, throughout the year ill be taking part in Girls Nationals, MX Masterkids, Rock it till sundown, before finally finishing the year down on the beach, competing in the 2021 Weston super mare beach race.

2021–Goals, to stand out, fight the fight and work my way to the top ……. GIRL POWER

5th January 2021

Hollie Roberts #112Long time since being out on my bike we headed up county to Woverley for a days racing with Tom Arnold, WOW what a mess, track was brutal after lots of rain it was rough and wet!! But I went for practice and rode all 3 races to the best I could considering, up against some fast boys and boys that were used to riding in these conditions but did myself proud and finished the day with an 9th overall.9th December dad and I travelled to Wheeldon off road centre for a days training with Alex Snow. Alex was training us on corners, track conditions, how to hit jumps and general riding technique. I am really loving my training days; feel I get so much from them and they are helping me become a better rider. Littlesilver Saturday 13th December, another mud bath...... but great fun, most of the adults went home but us kids made the most of a bad track, rode the track where we could it was great! Managed to ride 4blocks with my mates and got some good practice out of it, riding in the wet slop...Also since we last spoke I’ve had a birthday and am now officially a TEENAGER..... just not to stroppy!! One lucky girl thou to have a nice new bike...already for my new 2021 season and my first full season as a TDF rider.

18th October 2020

13th September – Apex moto parc for a practice day with a few mates. Awesome really like this track,had some great battles and learnt lots of great moves & techniques, all good practise ready for Girls nationals.

19th September – I rode @ Whiteway Barton with southwest mxc, a great day track was mint, so many twist and turns competing with some fast boys, but holding my own, doing myself proud getting some good race practice in before next weekend.

25/26 September – Saw my 3rd year at the Girl’s nationals @avlington MX track, an event I look forward to every year, an event that I work so hard for to achieve my highest goals. Run by Seven valley with so many talented young girls and supported by a massive male support group this event is absolutely amazing.I rode so well, really working hard to keep up with the top runners, mum and dad so pleased with my performance, Saturday 3 great races soon finishing the day in 6th still with Sunday racing to go, Sunday I rode the best Motorcross I have ever raced, finishing 2 races with a 3rd & 4th giving me a 5thoverall for the weekend which I was so pleased with. I am already training and working towards next year’s event... October – Mum & Dad decided to sign me up for some training days to help me with my Motorcross,so we have joined ASR academy, I started my first day

8th October at Ashdown, dad & I went up, the track looked amazing wet but good, it got rough as the day went on making some great ruts, bumps which is good for training on. Until I had an accident, taking a tumble hitting a dip just before an uphill, my foot slipped off the peg and I lost control, I did mange to carry on but my hand was hurtinglots, really didn’t want to miss my day, later we visited A&E but said nothing wrong until the next dayhospital call to say I had broken my 4th metacarpal in my right hand........NO Motocross for 4 weeks hand in a splint!!BORED N

18th September 2020

Hi my name is Hollie Roberts, I am a student at Crispin school. I have been riding in MX since 2017 after watching my cousins racing. I started on a 65cc in 2017 and rode in a couple of championships rounds for South Somerset & Southwest most weekends, this meant riding on various tracks all over the southwest, I managed to finish the season in 6th position for South Somerset & taking female rider of the season & most improved, and 10th position for Southwest & most improved rider. I have competed in two consecutive years at the Girls Nationals, first year taking a podium place in 3rdwhich I rode my 65cc and the second finishing 7th overall in the 85cc group, racing up against some high standard of girls. Last season I also competed in the MCF Masterkids event held up at Mildenhall which is another National event with lots of very talent children of all ages, riding all different sizes bike in lots of differentgroups, I done myself proud coming home with a 28th from a line up of 40. Finishing 2019 season on a SW 85 for local clubs Southwest with a 8th position and taking fastest female for the 2nd year running and for South Somerset finishing 7th.I was really hoping to compete in BWMA this year riding with Girls in all age groups and all abilities but due to COIVD the season has been cancelled. I am looking forward to riding Weston Beach race this yearwhich will be a first for me. I love riding MX, and would really like to see more girls riding and for the sport to recognise us as much as they do for boys

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