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Updated: Oct 6, 2021

29th September 2021

End of my 1st season! Since my last blog it has been the summer holidays. I have had the best summer, we have been really busy. Days out with friends and family, either practicing or racing most weekends, getting to try out new tracks with other clubs, meet new friends and have fun on and off the tracks. We have been away to haven a few times, I got to go swimming which we haven’t for a long time, riding my MTB, played on the beach, in the park and a day at brean leisure park. Our next trip is this weekend for Weston beach race! Race/ track update Bushton twice - 13th & 9th overall Frocester 2nd with my first ever holeshot!! Maisemore all British 20th Grittenham 10th Minchinhampton 10th I’m slowly building my trophy collection! I have loved racing with my friends, it has been a good summer. Looking forward to next year, lots more practice, training with LDR, trying new clubs and lots more memories to make. Next month is my birthday, I will be 6 and I’d really love a caiden bmx! Thank you to TDF Lynne & Lisa, family & friends for all my support and encouragement for my first season it’s been a good one. Let’s see what next year brings.

7th August 2021

Since my last blog we have been so busy!

I have been practicing at every opportunity and keeping up my racing with Corsham & Dursley. Been so lucky to spend so much time with all my friends after such a strange year. This summer so far has been fun. Riding and battling with my friends, watching them move up the score board, celebrating their successes and going places together.

Race update

Race 4 Marshfield 16th overall

Race 5 Grittenham 12th overall

Race 6 Brookthorpe 9th overall

Race 7 Grittenham 7th overall

Every week so far I have been lucky enough to beat my previous result, getting my head down, listening and working hard. Something has finally clicked and I have the fire in my belly for racing.

I had a goal to reach top 10 before my 6th birthday and I’ve done it 🥳 My confidence with my bike has grown massively, especially since training with Lee Dunham Racing. We’ve worked on corner technique, smooth throttle control, picking the right lines and using outside lines to carry speed.

This year has been a massive stepping stone getting set for next year, hoping to consistently hold a top 10 position and improve skills.

Us motox friends have a private hire this week, where dad plans to work on training side of things again. 4 more races to go this season & TDF big Rev up at cheddar attempt #2 for Tommo’s birthday. Look forward to catching up with the team.

Thank you Lynne, Lisa, TDF family & sponsors for your support and encouragement it’s very much appreciated.

18th June 2021

Following from my last blog about starting racing...

Things have gone from 0-60, Dad got my Nora license and membership to corsham ssc & Dursley mx 🥳

I have since attended meets at marshfield, frocester & grittenham, being a newbie and the youngest on the track is abit daunting at times, especially off the gates and into the first corner, those fast boys are fast!!

Race 1 Marshfield 28th overall

Race 2 Frocester 22nd overall

Race 3 Grittenham 17th overall

I really enjoy trying new tracks, although wet days are my least favourite. With more practice I’m hoping to gain more confidence on wet days. I love camping with my friends most weekends, riding our bikes and getting muddy 🥴

We have formed our very own mx family over the last year. #16 Camron learning on his new 85, #452 Blake getting 2nd overall and #58 Kobi joining racing with me, cheering on #446 Kayden & #112 Hollie most weekends too

Thank you Lynne & Lisa at TDF for my hoodie and duck smart products. I appreciate the support and constant encouragement ❤️

Looking forward to Rev up at Chedder next month with Lynne Lisa & TDF 🏁

18th May 2021 Lockdown lifted 🙌🏻

Since the return of the tracks I have been out every weekend, to Cheddar Moto park, Plymouth mx, Minchinhampton, BWL and finishing this weekend at Arlingham with thornbury off after a handle bar clip mid air, 3 bike pile up knocked my confidence. Although I wasn’t hurt, it’s taken 3 weeks to find my confidence again. I have got back my speed, control an

Since the return of the tracks I have been out every weekend, to Cheddar Moto park, Plymouth mx, Minchinhampton, BWL and finishing this weekend at Arlingham with thornbury mx.

About 3 weeks ago I had a hard off after a handle bar clip mid air, 3 bike pile up knocked my confidence. Although I wasn’t hurt, it’s taken 3 weeks to find my confidence again. I have got back my speed, control and corner handling.

Ive loved riding the new tracks (Plymouth & Arlingham) My favourite part is the weekends away in the camper, i ride with my friends, we push eachother and have fun on & off the track.

Dad is in talks about trying out some race meets this season, so to be continued



16th March 2021

As we are still in lockdown things have been pretty quiet for us, I have returned to school 🙌🏻 and spend my spare time at the skate park and pump tracks, on my bmx or Oset. Recently took my oset to Weston beach, loved riding on the sand, we can’t wait to watch the Beach Race there this year.

In the next couple of weeks as lockdown eases, we have have a few track days booked. Hoping to blow out the cobwebs and pick up from where we left off. Dad has been busy preparing my bike giving it a service and changing the piston. I should be good to go!

I’m looking forward to this summers adventures, my first full summer and now old enough to ride main tracks. Going away in the camper, trying out new tracks, making new friends and making new memories.


5th January 2021

December has been a super quiet month for me. I have managed to ride twice. Me and my riding friends went to a indoor training day at wheeldon mx. I got to practice some tight inside line corner skills. We have rebooked for February giving us something to look forward to. And then a very wet cheddar mx just before tier restrictions closed them.

For Christmas I asked for some camo print tyres for my bmx and a new nitro circus stunt scooter. Im so lucky I also had 2 new mx kits! The mx tracks have been closed, so since then I have been out on my oset in the woods and on my bmx at the skate park.

2021 I look forward to the tracks opening up and weekends away in our new race camper.

18th November 2020

In the last 6 weeks I have been lucky enough to change my bike, I now have a 2020 tc50, which has helped me gain so much more confidence.

I attended my second kids r us race meet with Tom Arnold, the track was wet and tough. Ruts were huge! (Thankfully dad kept my big wheel kit on) I mastered the start gates!! (which was my mums fear) Each time I was out of the gate and front of the pack on the first corner, but couldn’t hold that position the faster boys got past me.

I loved camping for the weekend with my friends and the whole racing experience. I finished 5/6 races, 17th place, got a trophy and came home with a smile!

I have recently had my 5th birthday, I am so lucky I had an Oset, which will give me some winter riding time. Being 5 now means I can ride on the main tracks most places, just over a year until I can start racing! Practice practice & have fun!

The last 4 weeks i haven’t been able to ride as the tracks are closed due to lockdown again. I’ve used this time to ride my bmx & oset at the local pump tracks. Hopefully in December myself & my usual riding friends will get to go on the private hire coaching day we have planned. If no we are hoping for a fun filled 2021 with TDF 🤙🏼

18th September 2020

Since joining TDF I’ve had a busy 2 weeks, my first day at primary school & experienced my first race. I raced at Tom Arnold’s kids r us weekend. For me it was a taste of what racing will be like when I’m 6. I have a year to practice my race starts & corner speed to keep up with the faster boys. The overall experience for me was one to remember and I got my first ever trophy! I went with my dad, and my friends Blake & Camron. Mum, dad & Nana we’re so proud of me, my overall position was 21st/31. My goal for the next one in October is to beat that position. So until then I will practice for that. Right now I am in turkey enjoying my first family holiday of the Covid year, I have learnt to swim without armbands and had a ride on a jetski with my dad. Looking forward to meeting the rest of the TDF squad on the 27th at cheddar #tdfsouthwest #jaxon534

6th September 2020

My name is Jaxon Bishop, I am 4 years old I have always been bike mad, starting with a balance bike & a BMX. I got my first motorbike (PW50) when I was 3, just for fun riding in fields. During lockdown this year i got back on my PW, and my dad realised I was ready for something a little bigger and faster. So we upgraded pretty quick. I now ride a TC50 husqvarna, which I’ve been riding for 3 months. I have gained so much confidence in the 3 months that I have been riding tracks. I practise every weekend at cheddar Motopark it’s local to us and I am familiar with the track. I have also had the chance to ride at Minchinhampton BWL MX Westonzoyland Tchorek mx Blacs trax MX academy I am about to join my first race next week at Southam Mx kids r us day with Wilden mxc. I am only 4 months into riding a bike so this is still new to me and us as a family. My mum & dad are super proud and very grateful to be given this opportunity with Tommos Dream Foundation. Thank you Lisa & Lynne

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