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Updated: Sep 20

18th September 2020

Since joining TDF I’ve had a busy 2 weeks, my first day at primary school & experienced my first race. I raced at Tom Arnold’s kids r us weekend. For me it was a taste of what racing will be like when I’m 6. I have a year to practice my race starts & corner speed to keep up with the faster boys. The overall experience for me was one to remember and I got my first ever trophy! I went with my dad, and my friends Blake & Camron. Mum, dad & Nana we’re so proud of me, my overall position was 21st/31. My goal for the next one in October is to beat that position. So until then I will practice for that. Right now I am in turkey enjoying my first family holiday of the Covid year, I have learnt to swim without armbands and had a ride on a jetski with my dad. Looking forward to meeting the rest of the TDF squad on the 27th at cheddar #tdfsouthwest #jaxon534

6th September 2020

My name is Jaxon Bishop, I am 4 years old I have always been bike mad, starting with a balance bike & a BMX. I got my first motorbike (PW50) when I was 3, just for fun riding in fields. During lockdown this year i got back on my PW, and my dad realised I was ready for something a little bigger and faster. So we upgraded pretty quick. I now ride a TC50 husqvarna, which I’ve been riding for 3 months. I have gained so much confidence in the 3 months that I have been riding tracks. I practise every weekend at cheddar Motopark it’s local to us and I am familiar with the track. I have also had the chance to ride at Minchinhampton BWL MX Westonzoyland Tchorek mx Blacs trax MX academy I am about to join my first race next week at Southam Mx kids r us day with Wilden mxc. I am only 4 months into riding a bike so this is still new to me and us as a family. My mum & dad are super proud and very grateful to be given this opportunity with Tommos Dream Foundation. Thank you Lisa & Lynne



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