Kayden Crane TDF Southwest

Updated: Jun 22

18th June 2021

Well the 2021 Mx season has finally stated tracks open for practice and racing.

I race with Corsham SCC and they have been putting on lots of practice days and pre races which is brilliant as I haven’t been able to much gate practice.

Can’t thank my TDF team mates #259 Fabian Morrison and # 112 Hollie Roberts we’ve arrange some practice sessions together and I can’t thank them enough for all the help and encouragement they give me makes me feel more confident in my ability they even let me have a go on there 85’s 🤣

I’ve also been out my Oset to help with my balance and strength

1sr race for Corsham 2021 got 7th overall which I’m really happy with for the the first race of the season ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

16th May 2021

Kayden Crane #446 I am 9 years old and attend St Mary’s Catholic School Bath. I ride a YZ 65 and my new graphics for 2021 season are black and grey snow camouflage.

Ive been really busy out on my bike since my last blog as tracks are now back open. I am so happy to be back on my bike practicing and competing and to see all my MX Buddies.

I’ve been to my normal local practice tracks but also some new ones Brookthorpe , 5 Oaks and Frocester these are now definitely in my top 10 of favourite tracks.

I also got to meet the legend Tommy Searle #100 he was so nice and friendly he signed my helmet and my top.

I’ve done 2 pre races Cusses Gore 2 dayer and got 16th overall which I was really happy with and Frocester where I came away with 3rd overall I enjoyed both races and was able to practice start gates which is what I know I needed to work on. I’ve got the nationals coming up so over excited it’s good to race with faster riders I can learn so much., my TDF team mates Hollie Roberts, Ben Sullivan and Fabian Morris who always support and encourage me

16th March 2021

KAYDEN CRANE # 446 I am 9 years old and live in Bath Somerset, I attend St Mary’s Catholic School Bath. 2021 season I will racing on my Yamaha YZ 65. I am racing with Corsham Ssc championship and I have entered the Southwest Shield and for the first time I’m taking part in BSMA Nationals Rock Til Sundown Master Kids Really excited for the 2021 season can’t wait to get started I’m going to give 100% and keep learning as much as I can and I’m up for the challenge.

5th January 2021

Hi my name is Kayden Crane #446 i am 9 years old I ride a yz 65 and husqvarna 65.

2020 has not been great because I haven’t been able to ride with tracks closed and no racing 😥

I’ve only managed to practice a couple of times at my local track cheddar motopark but I have been able to do some cornering training with Mx coach Rikki Priest he really helps me with my confidence and technique.

The best thing about December if Christmas, I got a lot of MX stuff, new Fox kits, Fox gloves and jackets. I also got a new 15ft trampoline so I can practice my back flips and front flips. I got an Oset for my birthday so I’ve been out on it on a mountain bike trail through the wood which was great fun and riding my Oset will help me with my MX riding. I got MXGP19 for my PlayStation so I play online with my friends.

I’ve made some new buddies Hollie, Fabian and Ben who are TDF riders. It’s great when you go to a tack and see your friends there. I can’t wait for next year to actually ride every week, race and practice and see my MX buddies.

Happy New Year ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

18th November 2020

Hi my name is Kayden Crane #446 I am 8 years old.

I got to do a practice day at Arlingham which is one of my favourite tracks it’s got everything I like jumps,left and right corners and some woops ✊🏾 the first 2 sessions brilliant really happy with technique and really pushing 3rd session started well and then a collision I hit my chest on the handle bars and did a full flip it hurt and took ages to get me breath back but that’s motocross.

One of my Mx buddies invited me to PCE I never been there before and love going to different tracks it rained all the way there so by the time we got there a lot of the track was underwater and not really rideable but I gave it go 2 laps and the bike was smoking !!!!

Luckily they had 2 small tracks which didn’t really hold as much water so we were able to have a blast out.

Because of COVID all the tracks are now closed again so I spend most of my time out on my mountain bike or my BMX stunt bike which keeps me fitted I enjoy trying out new stunts.

If I can’t get out I watch all the MX GP I’d love to be there one day

2020 hadn’t been what I expected for my first season on my 65 but every time I get to go out I have fun and it’s good to catch with my Mx buddies.”

It’s been great being a part of TDF they really are like family

Thanks guys ❤️

18th October 2020

Hi my name is Kayden Crane 446 I ride a Yz 65

I am proud to be a member of the TDF family they encourage and are so supportive even if I don’t see them they always message to see how I’m getting on.

I try and get out at least 2 times a week even though I haven’t done anymore races it’s great to be out riding.

I’ve been to my local tracks but also 3 new tracks Thornbury was muddy but good the ruts were massive so was hard work used my Duck smart when I got home Yarley Mx which boy was steep I didn’t feel confident enough to do the big track so had fun on the small track working on my body position and cornering I then met up with Hollie another TDF member who encouraged me to have a go on the big track I’m so glad I gave it a go it was brilliant and I wished I tried it earlier but I will know next time I go there.

Moto46 is now one of my favourite tracks because they have bug jumps and nice corners and it’s really close to home .

I did my first Enduro race with Core Events and absolutely loved it ✊🏾✊🏾

You don’t get any practice laps as in Mx so the start was a bit scary I didn’t know where I was going and what it was like and the race was 1 hour non stop I only get to come in for fuel and a drink and I had to remember to stop and get my Tag punched to say how many laps I had done. It was good fun going through the woods and across the stubble fields which were quite steep hills so glad I out a new set of my Kendra tyres on they definitely helped , I did come off a couple of times in the woods but just got back in and carried on.

I managed to do 7 laps and cane in 4th I couldn’t believe it I worked definitely do another one 100%.

18th September 2020

Hi Kayden here Lots of happened since my last blog , I’m still working on my race starts, cornering by going to a different track every week end. I’m really enjoying my YZ 65 , I’m having so much fun on the different tracks trying to get out of my comfort zone and my confidence is growing on my technique starts and cornering . Even though I wasn’t going to race this year I entered 2 Races. My first race was at Arlingham Mx I had ridden the track before and like the layout but boy I was nervous Race 1 It was a full gate 43 riders my start want great but I pushed hard and got 13th happy days Race 2 better start but had 2 offs but still managed to finish 14th I felt really proud of myself My 2nd race was at Grittenham Mx a local track to me another full gate 43 riders race 1 my starts were better but still need work , I had a few battles which were great and finished 18th Race 2 much better start it was quite rutty so challenging in some areas finished 20th Race 3 good start so over the moon finished 17th I had a fab day it’s not about where I finished I had a brilliant day seeing my Mx buddies and making new Mx friends. TDF jet ski organised a family fun day in Port Talbot I met Lynne she’s so nice and smiley I loved it on the back of the jet ski and watching them so all there stunts and tricks every one was really nice and kind I can’t wait to go back I’ve met a few older TDF members Fabian and Holly they were so kind and friendly both watched me race and practice and were really encouraging It’s great to be part of this amazing family Thank you Lisa @TDF SOUTHWEST for believing in me and giving me this amazing opportunity

10th August 2020