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Updated: Oct 21

18th October 2020

Hey so in the last month i have been really working on my speed and corner speed and also what lines to follow on the track ( with my dads help) I have never been a fan of riding in the wet but as we are coming up to the winter I don't have much choice as I want to be out on my bike all the time so last weekend was perfect time for me to get out and give it a go and it turns out I did amazing and actually enjoyed it a lot more.

So I have been building up the courage ready to complete my first race but unfortunately the dates fell on the same weekend I'm on holiday with my family so I'm going to take this as a positive and get lots of practice in now ready for next years racing it will also give me something to look forward to.

I can't wait to get back out on the track and make my mum and dad proud but most of all myself each week I'm seeing more and more improvement in my riding since getting rid of my mini and getting the Ktm sx.

I have made a great Mx family and we support and encourage each other, we make lots of memories not only on track but also off,

I can't Thank my sponsors lynne & Lisa enough for supporting my journey and giving me the boost of confidence I needed when telling me you wanted me as part of your team but also a massive thanks to my mum and dad for supporting my hobby and spending all weekend every weekend at the track teaching and encouraging me when riding I have my no1 fans by my side.

18th September 2020

Hey, I am 5 years old and have just started back at school after lock down and half term. I am now in year 1. I’m going to miss the odd days in the week riding my MX bike but I will make this time up with riding my BMX. I also now have every weekend to look forward to out on my MX bike at the tracks and riding with all my friends. I am bike mad, if I’m not out riding I’m at home watching it on telly or playing with toy bikes. My dad has just helped me put all my new graphics on my new bike so I now have my name and number #58. I am looking forward to riding Minchinhampton again and to keep exploring new tracks, I am super excited for next year when I can start racing and also hoping by the end of 2022 I will be on a 65. But It will happen in the right time. I was first introduced to motocross by my grandad and dad, my grandad was bike mad just like myself and did it growing up along with racing, I’m sure I’m making him super proud and would love for him to see my progress in my hobby we both loved! I just want to say again a massive thankyou to Lynne & Lisa for this opportunity at TDF. Excited to see what my future holds in MX Kobi #58

My name is kobi Makay pring I’m 5 years old soon to be 6, I had my first bike for my 3rd birthday which was a pw50. I stayed on that for a long time then in May my mum and dad decided it was time for a new bike so I started riding a ktm 50 mini I started to enjoy riding much more on this. I started riding cheddar Mx in July and go every weekend. As of today I’m riding a Ktm sx 50, I am progressing every weekend and hoping to experience more tracks as time goes on. I have also ridden at minchinhamton. I want to say a massive Thankyou to Lisa and lynne



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