Lynne Robertson

21st March 2021

Hi, I’m Lynne Robertson, founder, Tom’s mum, and the person who cannot believe how far or big TDF has become.

This doing a blog is new to me, but was encouraged that it was a good idea , so here goes.

Even through this last year that has been incredibly difficult for everyone and has tested everyone to the very edge , TDF family has remained strong and looked out for one another. This is a true testament of those people that are part of this ever growing international family and movement of kindness and strength to give and support others. To say I am incredibly proud and humbled to be part of this is an understatement.

We all have our struggles, and yes even me, I really am not Wonder Woman and I to break sometimes, but knowing you are all there gives me strength to pull back.

This year we have an incredible MX side, which is going out to smash their own personal goals and take on new challenges, so all of you go out there and own it, we have your back.

On our jet ski side it’s going to be a little longer before we can move due to restrictions on travel to Europe and beyond, but once it does open up believe me we will be out living life to the full once again.

Maybe it’s better to look back at this year as a time to pause and maybe even to take stock of our lives and decide if we need to change some of our goals and reflect, not see it as time lost. We have stopped some of our crazy work schedules and spent time at home reconnecting with family, texted, Skyped and had time to talk to friends and even made new ones through the power of technology, so not all bad.

So now look forward to the time that is coming where we can laugh, hug, and be there with one another enjoying their company. ITS COMING.

Thank you 🙏 to you all for your support and believing in TDF.



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