Tailor Searle TDF Southwest

Hi my name is Tailor Searle i am 13 years of age and I ride a 125 Husqvarna. I have always been around the sport since I was a baby to watch my family ride and I fell in love with it. I first started riding when I was 7 and have progressed to where I am now. I do other hobbies outside of the sport I play football for a girls team in the under 14 and also do boxing throughout the week. doing these sports help my fitness a lot. Next season I will be doing BWMA which is a woman’s national championship in the woman’s class Which I am excited about and also I will be riding seven Valley in the rookies class. My aims next year are to improve my riding to give me good results in my races would like to say a big thank u to Tdf for giving me this opportunity

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